Why Are Women More Likely To Get Urinary Tract Infection Than Men?

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Urinary tract infection is a major problem for women of all ages, from young females to middle-aged and old women. In the past, nine out of ten women have experienced urinary tract infection or cystitis once at least in their lifetime. So as you can see, the incidence of this disease is very high at present, especially among busy women in the workplace.
Why are women more likely to get urinary tract infection than men?

This is due to differences in body structure between men and women. The female urethra is much shorter than the male urethra and has a wider diameter, coupled with other factors, it will make it easier for bacteria to enter the female urethra and retroactively invade the bladder from the outside. It's important to note that urinary tract infections are usually retrograde, namely infection from the outside, and it is less likely to make infection spread to the urinary system through internal blood circulation.
Actually, the urine is the "cleanest" fluid in the body.
Of all the body fluid, including sweat, saliva, digestive fluid and urine, the urine is actually the cleanest one, since a healthy person's urine is supposed to be completely sterile. But the presence of bacteria in the urine means that the urinary system may be invaded by bacteria, and that's when a range of symptoms break out.
What symptoms does females with urinary tract infection have?
1. Abnormal urine
This is generally difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, which usually includes bacterial urine, purulent urine, hematuria, gas urine and so on.
2. Abnormal urination
Symptoms like frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, burning sensation when urinating and so on may occur.
3. Low back pain
When a woman has an urinary tract infection, the urethra is stimulated, causing tension and pain with varying degrees in the lower back.
4. Systemic symptoms
Patients may have fever, chill, headache, and other systemic symptoms, which can also be caused by urinary tract infection instead of daily overfatigue.
When suffering from urinary tract infection, it is needed to get treated in time. Patients can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to better improve the urinary system. This herbal medicine can effectively kill various bacteria and viruses that can lead to urinary problems. It can also improve the blood circulation and enhance the prostate fitness.
In daily living, patients should also notice the daily conditioning when having the treatment. Patients can eat more bananas, red beans, agaric, chrysanthemum and white chrysanthemum food, which are conducive to relieving the patient's inflammation and can supplement the human body’s needed nutrients. Besides, females should pay special attention to reproductive health during menstruation, and pay attention to the timely replacement of sanitary napkins at the same time. What’s more important, females must avoid sexual contact during the menstruation.

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