These Five Factors Mainly Cause Female Urinary Tract Infections.

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Women are more likely to get urinary tract infections. Failure to be aware of hygiene can cause urinary tract infections. Unclean sex can cause urinary tract infections. Sedentary inactivity can also increase the incidence of urinary tract infections. Women who do not like drinking water are more likely to get urinary tract infections. 
When urinary tract infection occurs, women should do more physical activity and clean their private parts. Let's talk about urinary tract infections in detail below.

What causes urinary tract infections?
1. Failure to be aware of hygiene can cause urinary tract infections. Women should develop good hygiene habits. The structure of female genitals is prone to bacteria. Therefore, women should take measures to prevent bacteria to avoid infection problems.
2. Unclean sex can cause urinary tract infections. Women should care about the cleanliness of their reproductive organs. Try to clean the vulva as much as possible to avoid infection problems. Be cautious about the cleanliness of the reproductive organs before and after intercourse.
3. Improper menstrual period regulation can cause urinary tract infections. Women should pay regard to nurses during menstruation, choose underwear with good air permeability, and change sanitary napkins frequently. Fail to change sanitary napkins frequently can quickly breed a lot of bacteria.
4. Sedentary inactivity can easily lead to bacterial infections and increase the risk of women suffering from urinary tract infections. Women should exercise more to promote blood circulation and avoid pelvic blood circulation.
5. Do not drink enough water can also induce urinary tract infections. Women should drink water correctly. Drinking water can promote the body's metabolism, excrete wastes in the body, and has the effect of cleaning the urethra.

How women prevent urinary tract infections
1. To prevent urinary tract infections, keep good hygiene habits and develop the habit of urinating frequently. Frequent holding back urine can easily lead to urinary tract infections and quickly accumulate waste in the body. Therefore, women must urinate frequently and drink more water to urinate more. Multiple urination can remove debris from the body, and good hygiene is crucial.
2. Try to choose pure cotton underwear, especially when women sweat a lot. Be sure to select lingerie with good water absorption. It is vital to keep the vulva clean. Keeping private parts ventilated and breathable can effectively prevent urinary tract infections. Many women like to wear tight lace Underpants. Such underpants will affect the health of women's private parts.
3. Drinking more water can prevent urinary tract infections. Women should develop the habit of drinking water correctly. A cup of warm water a day can promote the body's metabolism and improve constipation. It can significantly shorten the time of defecation. And eat less spicy and greasy foods. Frequent sweets will increase the chance of urinary tract infection.
All in all, to prevent urinary tract infections, women should drink plenty of water and aware of the cleanliness of the genitals, and also keep the room clean. The room should also be disinfected frequently, and sitting for long periods should be changed. The immune system is low, and it is easy to cause germs to grow. Regular exercise can enhance physical fitness and avoid pathogenic infections.
Suffering from urinary tract infection requires prompt treatment. Herbal medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill treats diseases based on the basics, focusing on a holistic view and systemic therapy. The most significant advantage of herbal medicine is that it will not cause any toxic side effects during treatment. Therefore, choosing herbal medicine to treat urinary tract infections is the safest and most effective.
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