What Are the Causes of Urethral Bleeding?

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Women can get urinary tract infections, and men can also get urinary tract infections. Using condoms during sex can effectively prevent female urinary tract infections for some males who have genitourinary tract infections. Patients must pay attention to the urethra tract infection or urethral mucosal damage.

Bleeding at the urethral orifice may be due to the following:
1. Urinary tract infection. When the infection occurs, the urethral mucosa is congested, and there will be blood oozing from the urethra or after urination. Certain bacterial infections lead to non-specific urethritis or urethral bleeding. At the same time, it is accompanied by burning and pain in the urethra and pain during urination. A routine urine examination is required to confirm whether there is an infection.
2. Anterior urethral injury, such as falling from a high place, perineal area riding over a hard object, or direct violent blow to the urethra, there may be dripping blood from the urethral orifice. It is accompanied by dysuria or painful urination, especially after trauma. It is more common in the urethra bleeding caused by injury to the bulb or direct damage to the urethra.
3. Urethral stone. The presence of stones in the urethra can also cause bleeding at the urethral orifice. At the same time, there are symptoms such as painful urination, pain in the urethra, or difficult urination. Urethroscopy is needed to determine whether there are stones and whether there is local mucosal bleeding.
4. The appearance of hematuria is generally pathological. There will be urethral bleeding if there is nephritis, urinary tract infection, or urinary system infection. Sometimes urethral bleeding may occur after strenuous exercise, so pay special attention to it in daily life.
5. Prostatitis causes urethral bleeding due to decreased immunity.
6. Inflammatory damage of the urethral mucosa, such as edema, hyperplasia, has not recovered, or local nerves are stretched, and male urethral bleeding may occur.

Warm notice to patients with urinary tract infections:
Patients with urinary tract infections must pay special attention in their daily lives. They must exercise more at ordinary times but cannot do strenuous exercises. They must have a light diet, smoke, drink, or eat spicy and irritating food. Keep the urethral orifice clean.
When treating urinary tract infections, it is necessary to eliminate inflammation and disease on time. When anti-inflammatory, patients can use Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill to sterilize and reduce inflammation. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills can reach the urinary system directly and prescribe the right medicine to cure the disease. Its heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, can effectively remove inflammation in the urinary and genital tract.
When treating urinary tract infections, it is generally necessary to drink more water. Drinking plenty of water has many benefits and helps eliminate bacterial infections. Because drinking water will cause urination, and if patients urinate too much, it will flush the urethra, which has many benefits for treating urinary tract infections.
When treating urinary tract infections, pay attention to hygiene, avoid local infection, change underwear frequently, keep the underwear clean and hygienic, improve diet and eat more bland food.

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