TCM for Urinary Tract Infection

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Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a disease in which a pathogen grows and multiplies in the urinary tract and produces inflammation. It is divided into upper UTI, lower UTI, mycoplasma UTI and chlamydia UTI, etc. In addition to the treatment of medicine, TCM herbal medicine can also treat UTI. Let's take a look at the TCM for treating UTI.
UTI is a universal urinary system disease. If there is a UTI, patients will have fever. Patients must prevent UTI in advance, because this disease can easily cause other reproductive tract diseases. As is shown in many clinic experience, UTI can be treated with TCM, and the effect is outstanding.
Herbal medicine has no side effects in treating UTI, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has a good antibacterial effect, and the clinical application of herbal medicine does not show resistance and double infection that shown in antibiotics. The application of herbal medicine in the treatment can achieve an ideal therapeutic effect and avoid the side effects caused by the use of antibiotics.
TCM treatment of this disease is mainly based on the specific patient rather than the same use of antibiotics. Most patients are accompanied by prostatic hypertrophy. It is possible that the patients did not know it or did not link the two together.
In fact, urinary retention caused by enlarged prostate may sometimes cause urinary discomfort or UTI. Applying TCM for syndrome differentiation and treatment, the use of TCM can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear heat, promote urination and achieve ideal curative effects.
For elderly women, low hormone levels are mainly due to physiological reasons, the protective function of the urinary tract mucosa is decreased. Repeated episodes of UTI are difficult to control. The upper urinary tract invades the upper urinary tract, leading to chronic pyelonephritis, and kidney function damage can occur over time . For these patients, the efficacy of antibiotics alone is poor, and improper use of certain drugs may also cause drug-induced renal damage.
At this time, the application of TCM for clearing heat and diuresis for the treatment of UTI combined with medicines for replenishing Qi and tonifying the kidney can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.
For young and middle-aged women with UTI, especially those with recurrent lesions, most of them have vaginal lesions. The application of TCM orally combined with external washing Chinese medicine prescriptions can achieve ideal effects. Liver damage and kidney damage rarely occur in the treatment of heat-clearing and detoxifying herbal medicines.
For elderly women, diabetic patients and patients with low immune function, urinary tract damage often recurs. At this time, the use of herbal medicine for health care treatment under the guidance of the principle of syndrome differentiation can significantly reduce the occurrence of UTI and avoid repeated large-scale use antibiotic.
UTI is a disease that will have a great impact on patients' lives. Therefore, UTI must be actively treated. In the treatment of UTI, patients must be cautious about daily care. During the treatment of TCM, do not eat raw, cold irritating foods, because these foods will affect the efficacy of the medicine, which is not conducive to the treatment. At the same time, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which can effectively promote metabolism and facilitate the discharge of inflammation.

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