Can Male Urethritis Cause Ejaculation Dysfunction?

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Questions have been raised about whether urethritis can cause ejaculation disorders. The incidence rate of urethritis is extremely high. The harm and influence also are huge and can affect the life of the man. 

So can urethritis cause ejaculation dysfunction? In order to solve this problem, patients should understand the harm that male urethritis produces above all. 
Harms of urethritis:  
Urethritis can induce the production of anti-sperm and antibodies, chlamydia and mycoplasma, which can induce the human body to produce antibodies. And these antibodies may induce the human self to produce anti-sperm antibodies, resulting in infertility. 
Urethritis is an infection of the organs adjacent to the urethra. If it causes epididymitis, it can cause obstruction so that sperm cannot be transported out of the testis. Such as prostatitis, semen may have a large number of white blood cells, which will lead to infertility. 
Urethritis will lead to urethral stricture and ejaculatory dysfunction. In men, urethral infections can directly affect the epithelium of the urethra, forming scarring on the infected area. When this kind of circumstance is serious, can cause urethral stricture, urination difficulty, and also can cause the obstacle of ejaculation at the same time. 
Urethritis has a direct effect on sperm. Mycoplasma is a tiny organism that can attach itself to the middle of sperm and affect its motility. 
So, to sum up, male urethritis can cause ejaculatory dysfunction. 
How should patients treat urethritis with ejaculatory dysfunction? 
Antibiotic therapy 

Drug treatment is an anti-inflammatory treatment for inflammation with the appropriate antibiotics. For example, for common bacterial infections, patients can choose Quinolones like Levofloxacin and Norfloxacin. If it is chlamydia or mycoplasma infection, patients can choose Azithromycin, Minomycin, and other antibiotics. 
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment 

Generally speaking, men with urethritis take Chinese traditional medicine to clear away heat and toxic materials, clear the spleen and replenish Qi, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
It can improve the recovery of the human body, promote human immunity, and has no side effects. Besides, it can cure seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, prostatitis. Taking these drugs will have a diuretic effect, prompting patients to urinate more so that these inflammatory substances can timely cross the urine excrement of the body, which is helpful to relieve symptoms. 
In addition to clinical treatment, what should patients pay attention to in daily life? 
Drink water and urinate in time after sex: Males and partners after sex must remember to drink more water, so they can effectively increase the chance of urination. Because much urination can wash out the bacteria, avoid bacteria in the urethra, and again affect your health. 
Wear loose cotton underwear: When the underwear worn by men is too tight and not ventilated, it will cause the temperature of men's private parts to be too high and increase the probability of bacterial reproduction, resulting in the urinary system being attacked by bacteria. It is recommended to wear cotton ventilated underwear to make the private parts more comfortable and healthy. 
Enhance personal care: Males with urethritis have to strengthen their health management, take a bath, and store clothes alone. They should often change their underwear.
Have a balanced diet: It is important for males who suffer from urethritis to have a balanced diet. Partial food and excessive nutrition are easy to cause disease, so it is recommended that male friends quit smoking, drinking, avoid spicy and stimulating diets. Patients should eat some green fresh fruits and vegetables, which can effectively improve the male body's immunity.  
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