Drinking Herbal Tea Can Help You away from Urethritis

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Urethritis brings a lot of inconvenience to people’s lives, and it also brings pain and discomfort to them. So we should do an excellent job of prevention of urethritis in life. And what  can prevent urethritis well? Diuretic tea is a wise choice.
Tea tastes sweet and a bit bitter, and it is a cool eatable. It is a traditional natural health drink in China. More than 500 chemical constituents have been found in tea. The main ingredients are caffeine, tea polyphenols, protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, organic acids, and other organic compounds. They also contain 28 inorganic nutrients such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and copper. The proportion of the combinations of various chemical components is very harmonious.

The function of drinking tea is to help digestion, relieve fatigue, refresh your mind, diminish inflammation and germicide, prevent urethritis, generate body fluid and quench thirst, prevent heat, and reduce the temperature. Besides, it can avoid intestinal infectious diseases.
1. Tea that increases your urinary desire
Lygodium japonicum 15g, Leonurus Chinensis 15g, Humulus 15g, phoenix-tail fern 30g, boil them into tea. (Or you can make the above herbs into crude powder, brewed in boiling water, and drink one dose a day as tea drinks.)
2. Diuretic tea
45 grams of rhizome the artemisia indica, 15 grams of Selaginella Sinensis and 10 grams of honey. After decocting the crude powder of the three herbs, add honey and drink it twice a day instead of tea before meals.
3. Oriental wormwood tea
Oriental wormwood 10 grams, wash and chop it, brew it with boiling water as tea drink frequently.

4. Plantago Tea 
Plantago 20 grams made into a coarse powder, put it in the boiled water or brewed it, and drink it as tea.
5. Licorice and Bamboo Tea
Licorice 6-9 grams, bamboo leaves 3-5 grams, and make them into crude powder, then brewed in boiling water, drink as a tea.
Here are five critical points for male urethritis care:
Note 1: 
To avoid affecting the efficacy or recurrence, the medication should be taken on time and in quantity.
Note 2: 
Sexual partners should be treated at the same time. If you have unhygienic sex, and the bacteria are transmitted to the patient again, causing secondary infections.

Notice 3: 
Empirical treatment can be given to those with apparent inflammation. Or they can take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure.
Note 4: 
If the condition is recurrent, patients should also be alert to the occurrence of complications. Common complications, such as prostatitis should be examined and treated in time.
Note 5:
Avoid drug resistance. Many reports have shown that Mycoplasma urealyticum is resistant to tetracycline. If this situation happens, other antibiotics should be used in time.