Do Not Ignore Cystitis During Pregnancy

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Why are women prone to cystitis during pregnancy?
The urethra is shorter in women than in men, and the urethral orifice is particularly close to the anus, a feature that makes the urethral orifice vulnerable to infection. In addition, women's endocrine secretion changes after pregnancy, and the pressure of the uterus increases as the months go by. It leads to poor urine drainage and makes the bladder susceptible to bacterial infections. 
In addition, the immune system of pregnant women becomes lower due to changes in their body condition, etc. All these factors are responsible for the occurrence of cystitis in pregnant women.
The dangers of cystitis in pregnant women
1. Cystitis during pregnancy should not be taken lightly. During illness, pregnant women will have chills and high fever and sometimes accompanied by back pain. If the bladder irritation is aggravated, a momentary high fever may cause a convulsion in severe cases.
2. Pregnant women with bladder infections can allow bacteria to invade the kidneys, causing pyelonephritis. Suppose the bacteria and viruses enter the fetus through the placenta. In that case, it can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, or even cause severe consequences for the fetus to die in the womb.
To sum up the above two points, experts believe that the earlier cystitis is treated during pregnancy, the better because the baby can grow safely in the mother when the pregnant woman is healthy.
Treatment of cystitis
1. General treatment
For patients with acute or mild cystitis, general treatment can be done by drinking more water to increase urine output, taking proper rest and balanced nutrition, and avoiding spicy and other stimulating foods. Patients can take hot water baths to relieve symptoms.
2. Medication
Chronic cystitis can be treated with medication, such as the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have strong antiseptic power and can kill harmful viruses in the body. Its raw materials are more than 50 kinds of herbs, all-natural and harmless, and will not produce drug resistance and side effects with long-term use.
3. Surgical treatment
When cystitis develops to a certain level, it needs to be treated with surgery. For example, adenoidal cystitis is usually treated with electrodesiccation or electrocautery, followed by bladder irrigation. Surgery is generally used for chronic cystitis caused by bladder neck obstruction or bladder stones. It is not recommended as a last resort due to the harmful nature of the procedure.
Although cystitis is a severe disease for pregnant women, it is effortless to prevent this disease during pregnancy. So, what can pregnant women do to avoid it?
How to prevent cystitis during pregnancy?
1. Maintain good lifestyle habits
If women want to prevent the disease, they need to keep the vulva clean and hygienic during pregnancy and insist on washing the vulva with water every day.
2. Appropriate sexual life
To have sex during pregnancy, women must control the period. While allowing sex, they should also avoid bacterial infections. Therefore, after sex, pregnant women should urinate and flush the urethra as soon as possible.
3. Keep warm
Pregnant women should not let their bodies get cold during pregnancy because it is not recommended to use drugs during pregnancy, so usually wear warm use clothes to keep warm.
4. Drink more water
Be diligent in replenishing water daily. Remember to drink more water. Do not think that drinking more water and urinating more is trouble because urination can clean the urethra. Women should drink more water in daily life to increase urination to prevent diseases.
5. Rest more
Sleep when feeling sleepy. Sleep allows the body to get a fuller rest and improve body resistance to avoid cystitis infection.
Finally, cystitis during pregnancy must be taken seriously. If women feel more pain during pregnancy when urinating, residual urine, or abnormal changes in the color or smell of urine, they should go to the gynecologist in time.

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