How Does Male Urethritis Affect Fertility?

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Many newlyweds have difficulty conceiving a baby after trying for a long time. They will find it strange that both men and women are so strong and healthy, but why can't they conceive? Although there are many reasons for female infertility, the male may also be held responsible for the failure of conceiving. Male urethritis is one of the reasons. 

So what is male urethritis, and how does it affect fertility?
Male urethritis is a common disease in men, often caused by obstruction of the urethra orifice or inner urethra or by the spread of inflammation of the organ. Male urethritis can be divided into acute urethritis and chronic urethritis. The main symptoms of acute urethritis are more urethral secretions. While chronic urethritis has fewer secretions and mild symptoms, most patients are asymptomatic.
Urethra infection can directly affect the epithelium of the urethra, forming scars in the local area of disease. In severe cases, it can cause urethrostenosis, causing difficulty in urination, and can also cause disorder in ejaculation.
Alos, urethritis induces anti-sperm antibodies, chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc., which makes the human body produce antibodies, which may influence the human body to produce anti-sperm antibodies, causing infertility.
Moreover, urethritis causes infection of organs adjacent to the urethra, such as epididymitis, which can cause obstruction, preventing sperm from being transported out of the testis. It can also cause prostatitis, causes a large number of white blood cells in the semen, leading to infertility.
In addition, urethritis has a direct effect on sperm. Mycoplasma is a tiny organism that can be adsorbed in the middle of sperm and affect sperm motility.
Therefore, men with urethritis need treatment. In the acute phase, antibiotics are mainly used. If the acute phase is not treated in time and becomes chronic, the effect will be more evident if treated with herbal medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms and causes and completely cure urethritis. And it won't hurt the body.

The following are methods to prevent male urethritis.
1. Choose cotton panties
Avoid wearing tight pants or underwear, and choose cotton underwear that absorbs sweat and is comfortable to keep the vulva clean and dry, reducing the chance of bacterial growth. Some people may be allergic to scented sanitary products such as sanitary napkins, toilet paper, etc., which may cause inflammation. Therefore, it is better to reduce the chance to use such products.
2. Seek medical treatment as early as possible
When you notice the symptoms of urethritis, you should seek medical treatment immediately in case the condition may get worse. Doctors often perform urine tests for patients, including bacterial culture in the urine and analysis of its types.
And, doctors will prescribe a preventive course of antibiotics to speed up patients' recovery time. Patients should remember to follow the doctor's instructions to complete the entire treatment course.
3. Drink water to "flush" the bladder
Remember to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water or liquid beverages a day, especially in hot weather, which can sweat and lose a lot of water. Therefore, drinking water will often help dilute urine concentration and "flush" the bladder to excrete bacteria in the urethra. It is not advisable to endure when you need to relieve yourself. It will help flush the urethra and reduce the chance of bacteria multiplying in the urethra. 
It is not a shame for males to go to the hospital for body examination and disease treatment if something goes wrong. We encourage an early discovery of urethritis and early treatment. As a result, the male can avoid ejaculation disorder and infertility.

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