What Should Men Do if Urethritis Recurs?

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Many male patients with urethritis find that urethritis constantly recurs and cannot be cured, bringing great trouble to life. Urethritis is a miserable disease for men, and there is a tingling sensation whenever urinating. As a typical male disease, urethritis belongs to the lower urinary tract infection and causes inflammation. Repeated attacks of male urethritis need attention. 

The main reasons are:
1. It is most common in patients with rough treatment. After the occurrence of urethritis, the patients can take self-medication. When the symptoms are relieved a little, the drug is stopped by itself, and the symptoms of urethritis will recur. Doctors do not advocate self-treatment of urethritis because the results of individual judgments have no basis and cannot help their treatment.
2. Due to the complexity of urethritis, such as gonococcal urethritis, about 50% of the chlamydia infection is often combined. When mixed urethritis occurs, if only for gonococcal infection treatment, the treatment is usually incomplete, and it can lead to the non-gonococcal urethra. When the above symptoms occur, patients should go to a standard urology department or andrology department for medical treatment, find the pathogenic microorganisms through secretion culture, choose effective antibiotics, and carry out standard drug treatment. Most patients will significantly improve the above symptoms.
3. Mutual infection is easy to occur between spouses. When male urethritis is cured due to the previous intercourse, there will be cases of gynecological inflammation caused by pathogenic microorganism infection in females. When the above symptoms appear, the husband and wife should be treated together.
How can men treat recurrent urethritis?
1.Be sure to use anti-infective drugs in a sufficient amount and an entire course of treatment. Drug susceptibility tests should also be performed when necessary and do not stop or reduce the drug at will to avoid affecting the therapeutic effect. 
If men want to cure urethritis, they must go to the hospital for routine urine examination to determine the conditioned culture of urethral pathogens to determine sensitive drugs for ongoing anti-inflammatory treatment. 
To cure urethriti, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is available. It can eliminate sympotms and cure the condition from its root causes. Meanwhile, this herbal pill can improve the immunity and self-healing ability to prevent this disease from recurring again.
2. Do not stop the drug at will after the symptoms disappear. It would help if you first went to the hospital for urine routine, urine culture, and other tests to determine whether the pathogenic bacteria have been eliminated. Because sometimes, after the symptoms disappear, the pathogenic bacteria will still exist in the urethra and will recur when the patient's immune system is low.
In short, when urethritis recurs, don't make your own decisions and treat yourself. Go to a professional and regular hospital to achieve symptomatic treatment and restore your health as soon as possible. 
First, you should always wash the vulva and anus with clean water. When cleaning, you should clean the vulva first, then the anus, and then urinate so that the bacteria brought in during the cleaning process can be flushed out of the body through urine.
Second, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C acidifies the urine, making it difficult for bacteria to survive. 
Third, drinking more water will have a diuretic effect and flush the urethra, thereby eliminating some hidden dangers of infection. 
Fourth, you should pay attention to bathing and changing clothes frequently. Usually, youWhat Should Men Do if Urethritis Recurs?
should pay attention to wearing cotton underwear with good permeability and strong hygroscopicity. 
Fifth, you should pay attention to avoiding unprotected sex and try to use condoms during sex to reduce the chance of infection.

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