Mind and Disease Connection: How Do Your Emotions Affect Cystitis?

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People with cystitis often cry over little things. In the early stage of cystitis, patients are prone to impulsive emotions, become irritable in a temper, like to cry, and have symptoms of insomnia. Women also have symptoms of menstrual disorders due to poor emotional states.

A bad emotional state is not a direct cause of cystitis. However, excessive mental stress will lead to the decline of the individual's autoimmunity and affect the normal regulation of endocrine metabolism, which is an indirect cause of cystitis.
Repeated cystitis episodes will increase the patient's mental and psychological burden, which will put the patient in a bad emotional state. Excessive mental stress mainly influences the treatment and recovery of cystitis.
Cystitis patients are constantly awakened by urine at night, which may affect sleep. Frequent waking up at night will inevitably affect the quality of sleep. If there is insufficient sleep at night, the patient's mood during the day will naturally not be high.
Emotions and stress worsen cystitis symptoms, and cystitis can backfire and make anxiety worse. They are complementary relationships.
Patients should understand cystitis correctly and not be afraid or worried about it to relieve pressure. Patients should not cause excessive worry and anxiety due to a lack of understanding. Some patients have symptoms caused by insomnia, anxiety, extreme fear, and depression that will have far exceeded the physical harm caused by cystitis.
Good psychological quality is an integral part of the treatment of cystitis. Therefore, patients must learn to self-regulate and relieve negative emotions such as tension, anxiety, and depression through various means. 
Consciously cultivate your interests in many aspects, such as learning meditation, practicing yoga, listening to soothing music, participating in physical exercise, participating in interest classes, mountain climbing, playing ball, watching movies, playing chess, swimming, etc. Diverse interests. On the one hand, it can adjust the mood in time and help to relax. On the other hand, it can effectively divert attention and help to eliminate tension and anxiety.
While the combination of essential drugs is used to treat cystitis, it is necessary to pay attention to relieve mental stress and maintain a happy mood. If some patients cannot regulate their pressure well, they can assist with traditional Chinese medicine decoction to calm the nerves. A specific conditioning effect can be achieved.
If the patient's emotional stress is too high, causing anxiety disorders, they can go to the psychiatric clinic for anti-anxiety examinations to treat anxiety symptoms. After the anxiety is relieved, cystitis will subside naturally, so there is no need to worry too much.
In addition to maintaining a good emotional state, patients with cystitis also need to pay attention to the following nursing care:
1. Drink plenty of water and eating a light diet
Cystitis patients should drink more water, keep drinking 2500ml to 3000ml of water every day, and the urine output should be above 1500ml. They must also avoid spicy food, carbonated beverages, acidic food, etc.
2. Prevent constipation
Patients should eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation caused by insufficient intestinal peristalsis stimulation due to inadequate intake of autonomous fiber. Negative mood can also affect defecation because negative factors can lead to autonomic disorders, affect the movement and endocrine function of the gastrointestinal tract, and cause constipation.
3. Do levator training
To restore levator ani muscle function as soon as possible, patients should insist on doing levator ani muscle function exercise every day for 5 to 6 months. They cannot participate in strenuous activities for one month.
4. Maintain perineal hygiene
Patients should keep the perineum clean and frequently change their underwear to prevent retrograde infection. It is advisable to wear loose cotton underwear to avoid squeezing the lower abdomen.
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