Cystitis Fruit in Summer- I'm Telling You it's the WATERMELON

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The weather is hot in summer. In a warm and humid environment, bacteria and fungi invade the human body to form inflammation. Therefore, for patients, summer is the season of the high incidence of the urinary system, such as cystitis.

Cystitis patients usually have the symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, and difficulty in urination. For these symptoms, we generally need to use some diuretic drugs. Watermelon is a common fruit with a good effect on diuresis and drenching.
Watermelon is a common fruit. In summer, eating a cold watermelon is the best enjoyment, and the effect of watermelon quenching is also very good, so many people like to eat watermelon. What is the point of eating watermelon? What are the benefits? Many people don't know much about watermelon. Watermelon has an excellent relieving effect on cystitis.
What are the benefits of eating watermelon? The following is a detailed introduction, especially for healthy middle-aged and older people. All of them help to make the body healthier.
Watermelon, also known as a watermelon, cold melon, and summer melon, is called "the king of melons." Because it was introduced in the Western Regions in the Han Dynasty, it is called "watermelon." Watermelon tastes sweet, juicy, refreshing, and quenching thirst, and it is good fruit in midsummer.
In addition to not containing fat and cholesterol, watermelon contains almost all kinds of nutrients the human body needs. It is the most nutritious, purest, and safest food. Watermelon can clear away heat and relieve summer heat and eliminate thirst. Watermelon contains a lot of water. Eating a piece of sweet, sandy, and hydrating watermelon will immediately improve the symptoms of acute fever, appetite, sweating, and irritability.
What are the benefits of eating watermelon for cystitis patients?
Watermelon contains a lot of water. Eating watermelon can effectively increase the number of body fluids, help the excretion of pathogens, and relieve the symptoms of frequent urination and dysuria caused by urinary tract infections. 
In addition, watermelon contains more vitamin C, which can improve the body's immunity and help kill pathogens. After eating watermelon, the amount of urine will increase significantly, which can bring out the bacteria in the bladder, which has a good effect on the treatment of cystitis. Fresh watermelon juice and tender rind increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and add radiance. Therefore, watermelon has good edible value and is an efficient and economical beauty salon for ladies. If you want to become radiant, don't let watermelon go.
It should be noted that eating watermelon can only relieve and prevent the disease and cannot directly treat the condition. If the patient finds symptoms related to cystitis, he should seek proper treatment. They can select effective antibacterial drugs according to the results of urine bacterial culture and drug sensitivity tests. 
Generally, it should be used for 1 to 2 weeks until the symptoms subside and the urine routine becomes normal. During treatment, urine bacterial culture and drug sensitivity tests should be carried out frequently, and the antimicrobial drugs sensitive to bacteria should be adjusted at any time. 
People should take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill when it becomes chronic to avoid some side effects. It can kill different bacteria that cause male urogenital system diseases and will not cause drug resistance.
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