One who had cystitis for 10 years get cured with Chinese medicine

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Emma is one of 400,000 Britons, the majority of them women, who suffer with chronic cystitis, known medically as interstitial cystitis.The symptoms - including pain, urgency, a need to pass water frequently and a burning sensation when passing urine - are similar to standard cystitis. Cystitis is linked to infection, but interstitial cystitis is triggered by inflammation of the bladder wall, which can follow childbirth, surgery or repeated bouts of bladder infections, though sometimes there is no known cause.While it’s more common in women over 40, it can affect younger women, too.

'Bacterial infections, auto-immune disease and hypersensitivity have been implicated,' says Zaki Almallah, a consultant urological surgeon at Birmingham Bladder Clinic.
'Current ideas suggest a leakage or abnormality in the lining of the bladder, probably caused by a long-standing bacterial infection.'
Unfortunately, patients are frequently misdiagnosed as simply being prone to urinary infections and given antibiotics, which - because there is no infection - doesn’t solve the problem.
Indeed, Emma believes she lived with the condition for seven years before doctors recognised it.
'I'm not really sure when it started, but I had several bouts of cystitis when I was younger so it could have been triggered by that,'she says.
'I kept going back to my GP, but he just sent me away, telling me to drink more cranberry juice  and giving me ridiculous amounts of antibiotics.'
Finally, three years ago she was referred to a urologist who carried out a cystoscopy - an internal examination of the bladder with a tiny camera - and this confirmed she had interstitial cystitis.
I hoped this would mean  that finally I could be cured, says Emma. 'But to my frustration this wasn't to be.
Indeed, while cystitis can generally be cleared by drinking lots of fluids or a course of antibiotics, for interstitial cystitis finding a successful treatment often comes down to trial and error.
'What works for one patient might not for another,' says Mr Almallah. 
'I think the key is to find a sympathetic and patient urologist who is willing to try different approaches.'
She's also tried a cocktail of painkillers and other drugs, including Elmiron — a weak blood thinner that is again thought to help build up a resistance in the bladder wall.
After countless visits to various urologists, it was even suggested her bladder be removed - an operation usually conducted only in extreme cases such as cancer.
Horrified at the prospect, Emma refused and tries to manage the condition as best she can. But unfortunately, over the past 12 months Emma's health has deteriorated to such an extent that she’s been forced to stop working.
"I have been on sick leave because I find the pain is so constant and draining," she says."It makes me tearful, tired and irritable. I used to ride my horses, but can't do that any more because it hurts too much - which is heartbreaking. I am a strong swimmer, but the chemicals in  the water aggravate my bladder.
"Due to the lack of exercise I have gained weight. My self-esteem is low and I've been prescribed anti-depressants. Poor Duncan bears the brunt of this, but he's an absolute rock.'
The debilitating condition has also affected the couple's sex life; they don't intend to try for a family yet because of the morphine patch painkillers Emma wears continually.
Cystitis is linked to infection, but interstitial cystitis is triggered by inflammation of the bladder wall. Doctors don't know why some women suffer with this condition while others don't.
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