How is glandular cystitis treated with traditional Chinese medicine?

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Core tip: Glandular cystitis is a benign bladder metaplasia and proliferative lesion. In recent years, the incidence shows a growing trend. Occurrence and development of glandular cystitis and transformation to adenocarcinoma is a gradual process. From primary adenocarcinoma of bladder genesis, glandular cystitis can be differentiated as early stage and late stage.

As a matter of fact, unremarkable mucous membrane change and chronic inflammation are symbols in early stage. It can only mean that chronic stimulation indeed exists and lower urodynamics is abnormal. But if this stimulation lasts for long, it can develop to cystitis gladularis, which include extensive intestinal metaplasia type, papillomavirus and intestinal adenoma. All of them are prone to cause canceration.
Research has shown that glandular cystitis has a tendency of canceration. Patients get a higher risk of adenocarcinoma. In addition, it is probably that there's something relative in mechanisms of gene regulation in the process of glandular cystitis' development and transformation.
For early female glandular cystitis patients, surgery and expectant treatment may get similar effectiveness in relieveing symptoms. So, integrated Chinese and western medicine is advocated to be adopted. To start with, both controlling the inflammation and eliminating factors that may bring about diseases are necessary. Then get rid of the diseased mucous membrane. Besides, regular postoperative perfusion is needed. But if you do not like perfusion, you can explain it to the doctor. Another choice is to take traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as the consolidation therapy. Clinical manifestations and early symptoms of this disease are often connected with bladder irritation, which belongs to stranguria in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has been proved effective in treating glandular cystitis. What patients should concern is regular check. Remember to take contraceptive practice for at least three months.
Warning: After surgery, diet is a vital part which can help patients recover better. Protein-riched food is able to assist healing of the wound, vegetables can prevent constipation. "High-calorie, high protein, high vitamin, low-fat, anti-digestible " is the principle for patients' diet. Food or flavourings which do harm to glandular cystitis patients are: beef, lamb, rooster, shrimp, crabs, chives, parsley, fennel, onion, ginger.