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Testicular Cancer: Many Football Stars Have Been Suffered From

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According to the recent report, Jonas Gutierrez ,the 31-year-old Newcastle midfielder, had an operation in his native Argentina to remove his left testicle after the discovery of testicular cancer, and is undergoing chemotherapy.
Newcastle midfielder Jonas Gutierrez has thanked fans for their support after revealing he is being treated for testicular cancer. "Thanks for all the messages. Always looking forward," he wrote on Twitter.
"I detected a tumour in a testicle. When I confirmed the cancer, I went home crying," he said during a television interview in Argentina on Tuesday. 
In fact, there are many football stars have been suffered from testicular cancer.
Former Everton defender Alan Stubbs has twice battled cancer and was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1999 as a Celtic player. He said he was surprised and saddened to hear the news and gave an insight into what Gutierrez would be facing right now.
Former Arsenal and Wales’s striker John Hartson has also battled testicular cancer, he said: "This is sad news, and my thoughts and best wishes are with him.The fact that he's had an operation and is undergoing chemotherapy sounds like it's been detected early."
Former Millwall striker Neil Harris, Northampton goalkeeper Matt Duke and ex-Tottenham and Chelsea defender Jason Cundy were successfully treated for testicular cancer and resumed playing.
Testicular cancer is relatively uncommon, accounting for 1% of all cancers that occur in men and usually affects men between the ages of 15 and 49. Although it is one of the most treatable types of cancer and more than 96% of men with early-stage testicular cancer will be complete cured, it will cause the severe result without any treatment timely.
Therefore, when men have some discomforts about the testicle, they have to go to the hospital and do some related examinations, because many patients are likely to confuse the diseases between testicular cancer and orchitis. When diagnosed as orchitis, it is suggested to take Chinese herbal medicine - diuretic anti-inflammatory pill as the suitable treatment. This pill is made from pure natural herbs and effective to cure orchitis once and for all.