Can orchitis affect fertility for sure?

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Male fertility has long been considering as an issue which plays an important role in family relationship. In fact, causes of male infertility are sometimes from reproductive infective disease. Orchitis is one of the common reproductive infective diseases, which greatly threatens men's health. However, can orchitis be sure to affect infertility?

It is a fact that orchitis has huge influence on reproductive. Testicle is men's vital generative organ. Making sperm and secreting male hormone are major functions of testicle. In life, disease of testis can influence spermatogenic function, which can lead to infertility. Here we introduce some orchtis diseases which can affect fertility.
Chronic nonspecific orchitis: This is a chronic disease which is usually caused by incomplete cured acute nonspecific orchitis. The general route of infection is infection of mold or parasites.
Mumps orchitis: Orchitis which can affect fertility includes mumps orchitis. This is because parotitis can induce orchitis easily. Often this situation occurs in postpuberty.
Acute nonspecific orchitis: When a man has diseases such as uethritis, prostatitis, cystitis, etc, he may have acute orchitis caused by bacterial infections of these diseases.
Dr.Lee reminds that testicular pain caused by orchitis is usually a problem calling for immediate solution indeed. To solve this problem, the key is treatment. Pure traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eliminate different kinds of bacteria. If there's no necrosis in testicular tissue, it can also treat orchiatrophy which is caused by mumps orchitis. To treat testicular pain, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, drawing on its advantages of no resistance, can reach lesions directly. This medicine is able to clear away heat and toxic materials, kill bacteria and promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis. Thus, it helps testicle recover, and inhibits spread of the infection.