Causes of orchitis: damages, bacterial infections and untreated diseases

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What are causes of orchitis? Testicle is the very vital generative organ for men. Once testicles is infected, huge damage may occur. Therefore, orchitis can not be ignored. But what causes of orchitis are?

Types of orchitis are multiple. Cause of orchitis are also not similar. Generally, inducements of this disease are:
Acute mumps orchitis. Mumps is the primary factor that can lead to orchitis. It is said that about twenty percent of mumps patients can also have orchitis. However, this situation usually occurs in postpuberty. Hence, adult men who have orchitis often have no business with this factor.
Besides, damages sometimes are orchitis causes. A common case is scrotal injury. As a matter of fact, when scrotal is injured, hematomas can appear in scrotum, epididymis and testis, which can give rise to acute epididymitis. However, it not always happens. Sometimes, equipment operating within the urethra or prolonged equipment stay in catheter can lead to epididymitis as well.
In addition, some bacterial infections may cause orchitis. Pathogens which can cause orchitis primarily are e. coli, proteus mirabilis, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Additionally, neisseria gonorrhoeae or chlamydia are also common pathogenic microorganisms. Those pathogens enter urinary tract through urethra, which can lead to urethritis, cystitis and prostatitis. While they may also enter epididymis or testicle through lymphatic system or vas deferens lumen, which brings about epididymo-orchitis.
Apart from that, some untreated urinary and reproductive disease can cause orchitis. Chronic orchitis is usually caused by nonspecific acute orchitis which was not treated completely. Fungi, spirochetes, parasites can also infect orchitis. It is a fact that bilateral epididymitis can initiate male infertility.
Dr.Lee indicated that causes of orchitis are various. Whereas, types of this disease are multiform. Actually orchitis is a disease which can greatly threaten men 's health. More attention should be paid on it, once you find the infection, please go to the hospital. As we all know that expansion of the disease can only have serious consequences.