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Male Kidney Deficiency Cannot be Indiscriminately Supplemented, TCM Teaches You to do It Scientifically

Date:2022-11-03 click:0
Many people habitually take tonics, believing that tonics are good for the body and can improve the immune system and strengthen the body. Many people have this question: Is it good to take tonics regularly? Is it suitable for all people to take tonics? A fundamental principle in TCM is "treating deficiency with tonification, sthenia requiring purgation." Its implication is: one should not take tonics when there is no deficiency!

Similarly, men with kidney deficiency can not take tonics indiscriminately. Instead, there is a method and focus. Now, Let's look at how men with kidney deficiency should scientifically and effectively regulate from the perspective of TCM.
According to the TCM, male tonics should be mainly for a kidney. Therefore, tonifying the kidney is still the most crucial part. Men with kidney deficiency mostly show symptoms such as a sore back, cold limbs, weak legs, reduced sexual function, tinnitus, etc. Dietary supplementation should be based on tonifying the kidneys, fixing Yang qi, and nourishing blood and essence. 
In winter, men should eat more warm food that can warm the kidney and Yang qi, and consume foods that are rich in nutrients, warm the kidney and fill the essence, produce high heat and are easy to digest, supplement the body's deficiency, benefit the kidney and improve immunity. Men can also consume warm fruits, such as jujube, orange, persimmon, etc., to nourish the blood, help the kidney, fill the essence, and resist the cold. A good tonic diet is angelica, ginger, and lamb soup: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of lamb, and appropriate yellow wine and seasoning.
Kidney deficiency in TCM generally refers to a deficiency of essence and yin and yang qi. There are many types of kidney deficiency; the common ones are Kidney Yang Deficiency and Kidney Yin Deficiency.
Patients with Kidney Yang Deficiency can consume more foods that warm and nourish kidney yang qi. They should nourish kidney yang and eat more foods, including mutton, dog meat, chicken, pork belly, leek, onion, chili, soybean, cinnamon, lychee, etc. The warming and laxative foods include walnuts, sea cucumber, and sea shrimp, which are suitable for men with Yang deficiency and constipation. Foods that are warming and stop diarrhea include catfish, river shrimp, dried ginger, etc.
Men with Kidney Yin Deficiency can consume more foods that nourish kidney yin qi. They should eat more duck, squid, fish, beans, milk, tofu, liver, and silver fungus, and less spicy and stimulating foods, such as onion, ginger, garlic, leek, etc.
There are many things to consider when taking tonics. Not every person is suitable for tonics. If people who are not deficient spend money to buy tonics, it is not good for the body and may bring about physical problems. For example, people who should not eat ginseng may have many issues after eating it. "Ginseng abuse syndrome" is characterized by a rose-like rash, itching, vertigo, dizziness, fever, bleeding, overexcitement, and elevated blood pressure. Seriously, it can kill people. This is why TCM has a saying that "ginseng kills without fault," which is a warning to those who like to take ginseng indiscriminately and mistakenly and individual quacks.
Therefore, one thing that needs to be repeatedly emphasized is that people who are not deficient shall not and cannot take tonics. Now people know that many diseases result from eating inappropriate things, such as high blood fat, diabetes, gout, etc. This is another manifestation of "illness from the mouth."
Kidney supplementation needs to be scientific and should not be done blindly. Many patients have delayed the best treatment time because of blindly using some prescriptions that have no scientific justification. Learn to avoid eating recklessly. Eating foods that are suitable for men is essential for their health.