Frequent Urge to Urine and White Discharge - NGU Success Case

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Mr. Zhao, 29, suffered from frequent urination and white secretions from urethral orifice before treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. And the latest examination showed that WBC++ and occult blood+ were found in urine routine. Urine culture showed Mycoplasma culture positive.

Speaking of his illness, Mr. Zhao regretted it very much. Seven months ago, Mr. Zhao was being careless during an unsafe sexual contact and his condom slipped. Though he washed many times with clean water and wiped the urethral orifice, penile head, testicles and other parts with Iodophor for fear of venereal disease or gonorrhea infection, he began to have frequenct urgency of urination, secretions of urethral orifice, half a month after that night.

Comparing with the symptoms he found on the Internet, he thought he had prostatitis. So he bought some "strongly powerful" antipyretic drugs in the pharmacy, however not only did the symptoms of frequent urination not alleviate, but also the urethral orifice appeared red and swollen, occasionally valgus urethral orifice can be seen.

So he had no choices but went to the hospital at weekend to see a doctor. The test results showed that Mycoplasma was positive and he was diagnosed with Non-Gonococcal Urethritis. Suggested by the doctor, Levofloxacin was prescribed for 14 days. During the treatment, frequency and urgency of urination and secretions of the urethral orifice were relived, but there was burning of the urethra and slight pain in the groin and perineum. Mr. Zhao had to stop treatment.

It was not until the same symptoms recurred that he began to seek better treatment. Before receiving treatment of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, we suggested Mr. Zhao to do a test first to see if there was still Mycoplasma infection. Sure enough, the test showed that Mycoplasma was positive. We suggested that he could take this TCM formula to treat it and get a complete cure.

The reason why Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can treat mycoplasma-positive is that according to the symptoms of patients, it belongs to the category of "gonorrhea" of traditional Chinese medicine. The Pill can be used to clear heat and detoxify, diuretic and relieve stranguria. In view of the pain and discomfort of patients, it can be used to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to dredge and smooth meridians, so the pain can disappear.

After taking it for half a month, Mr. Zhao felt that the symptoms of frequent urination and urgency of urination were obviously alleviated. In the morning, there were still a few white secretions in the urethral orifice. He felt that the effect of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill was very good and began to believe that he would be cured. In the second month, Mr. Zhao did not suffer from urinary pain, and the discharge of the urethral orifice disappeared, the only symptoms were occasional urethral discomfort and mild frequency of urination.

Considering that mycoplasma was not completely cured, which existed as the root cause of the symptoms, we suggested that Mr. Zhao to consolidate the treatment for another course, then stop the medication for a week and go for a check-up in the hospital.

Below is a review report recently sent to us by Mr. Zhao. Everything shows that it is normal.

Mycoplasma has turned negative. And Mr. Zhao said that his symptoms completely disappeared, thanks to Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills to make his "nightmare" away!