How to treat Chlamydia Infection in Men

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Men testing positive for chlamydia sometimes have obvious symptoms and sometimes have unobvious symptoms. Some patients even have no symptom at all.

Generally speaking, symptoms suffered by men testing positive for chlamydia, if any, are mainly urgent and frequent urination with a painful feeling, reddening and swelling of urinary meatus with a feeling of pricking and burning. And purulent mucus or serous fluid that runs out can dirty the briefs.
Once men test positive for chlamydia for sure or if they have already had symptoms of chlamydia infection, they must receive timely and symptomatic treatment until the disease is completely cured.
If men testing positive for chlamydia are not treated timely or thoroughly, chlamydia infection may spread and worsen. In the meantime, the whole urogenital system of men may be under threat of chlamydia infection. And complications or secondary diseases like prostatitis, cystitis, vesiculitis, orchitis, epididymitis and male sterility may be caused which can bring the patients more and severer pains.
Then, here comes a question-how to treat the symptoms suffered by men test positive for chlamydia and what medicine is needed in the treatment.
Men testing positive for chlamydia should receive symptomatic treatment. And the first requirement is to sterilize bacteria; the second requirement is to diminish inflammation, for diseases caused by chlamydia are mainly inflammation; the third requirement is to relieve pain, for men with chlamydia infection suffer from pains caused by various diseases.
In treatment of symptoms suffered by men testing positive for chlamydia, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", a traditional Chinese medicine, is heat-clearing and detoxifying and able to kill chlamydia pathogen within three months so as to control primary focus and transform the test result from positive to negative. In the meantime, it can also promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, diminish inflammation and relieve pain. Therefore, it is an optimal choice in treatment of diseases suffered from by men testing positive for chlamydia.