What are the symptoms if men testing positive for mycoplasma

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Mycoplasma  symptoms are mainly caused by the infection of ureaplasma urealyticum and mycoplasma hominis. Mycoplasma, a kind of prokaryote, is a type of pathogen between bacteria and virus. Male mycoplasma infection, excluding the reason of mother-to-child infection, is mainly caused by sexual contact.

Symptoms suffered by men testing positive for mycoplasma, in the first place, include urethritis. Urethral mucosa is infected with mycoplasma, which leads to symptoms such as unbearable pains and itching in the urethra, secretion, fever, swelling, urination difficulties, frequent micturition, light reddening and swelling of urinary meatus, ect. However, some patients who test positive for mycoplasma may have no obvious symptoms.
If these symptoms suffered by men testing positive for mycoplasma are not timely treated, further mycoplasma infection may occur, which will cause secondary diseases of male urogenital system like prostatitis caused by mycoplasma infection, vesiculitis caused by mycoplasma infection, orchitis and epididymitis that are, too, caused mycoplasma infection and lead to male sterility finally.
As a result, men testing positive for mycoplasma shall get timely treatment, and once the treatment starts, the disease shall be thoroughly treated until it is cured. Patients mustn’t quit treatment when they just feel a little better, for, in this way, the disease won’t be cured and there will be potential pathogenic factors instead. Therefore, mycoplasma infection worsens.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is a kind of patent medicine developed by Li Xiaoping TCM Clinic, located in Wuhan, is used in the treatment of male mycoplasma infection and able to kill various germs, including pathogenic mycoplasma so as to make men who test positive for mycoplasma test negative. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill applies to all diseases of male urogenital system. And it is very effective in the treatment of urethritis and secondary diseases caused by mycoplasma infection.