Harmness of Male Mycoplasma Infection

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Harmness of male mycoplasma infection usually initiate from urinary infection and further expand to genitourinary system, other organs and tissues. Mycoplasma infection might cause genitourinary chronic, hypertrophic and inflammatory pathological changes. 

If male mycoplasma test result is positive and the disease is not cured timely, mycoplasma will cause prostate, seminal vesicule and epididymitis secondary infections. Patients could have the symptoms of waist soreness, lower abdominal pain, testicles pain, perineum discomfort. In addition, many patients feel anus discomfort and scrotum damp, which lead to sexual function weakness. 
If the disease is still not treated or completely cured, male mycoplasma infection will bring more harm: infects sperm path, seminal vesicule and testicle, makes sperm and semen treatment difficult, and finally causes male infertility, brings patients great pressure on both physically and mentally. 
Male mycoplasma infection also endangers the patient's wife or girlfriend. The pathogen could be transferred through sexual encounter, thus causes female mycoplasma positive, arouses a series of female mycoplasma infection symptoms and genitourinary system inflammatory pathological changes, and induces sufferings and even female infertility. 
Therefore, male mycoplasma infection needs timely treatment. If sexual encounters happen during the treatment, the wife also needs treatment as well as the husband. Patent medicine “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” by Wuhan Dr. Li of TCM is effective on eliminating mycoplasma pathogen and healing male mycoplasma infection. “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” shows excellent therapeutic effectiveness on varied male genitourinary system diseases. As well, another patent medicine “Fuyan Pill” by Wuhan Dr. Li of TCM is a very effective prescription for female genitourinary system diseases.