On the Diseases Caused by Infection of Chlamydia

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Chlamydia is a kind of prokaryotic organism which is somehow like between viruses and bacteria and exits very commonly in the nature, and some certain of which are pathogenic. Among these pathogenic chlamydiae, some can induce diseases of urinary system and reproductive system, which not only bring pain to patients, but also possibly induce male or female infertility. Therefore, if it is proved positive of chlamydia in a/some region(s) of human bodies by medical examination, it must take medicinal treatments as early as possible, or else, it might lead to more severe conditions.

The ways that chlamydiae infect some certain regions of human bodies are mainly by sexual contacts as well as by mother-infant connection.
When chlamydiae infect the urinary system and reproductive system of human bodies, sometimes it has no obvious symptoms or even no any manifestation at all, whereas the hazards of that still work. The harmfulness of infections of urinary system and reproductive system by chlamydia lie in that the inflammatory diseases of tissue and organ caused by chlamydia is not unitary and single, but incorporative and subsequent. Frequently, when the symptoms of certain disease present itself, it is possible that another disease follows by. For example, the infections of chlamydia in male often induce urethritis which might further lead to prostatitis, cystitis, vesiculitis or orchitits, and so on, while for female, it would induce salpingitis or endometritis, etc, which usually is secondary to cervitis caused by infections of chlamydia. All these diseases might eventually do harm to the function of fertility of patients in all probability.
Thus, if it takes no curative measures timely or fails to be cured thoroughly, it is possible to lead to variety of disease of urinary system and reproductive system. And in some severe cases, some patients might have thoughts of suicide due to the insufferable pain. 
Then, how to cure the diseases caused by infections of chlamydia? Antibiotic, which is generally used in western medicine, have some certain curative effects for the infection of chlamydia, but the possibility to heal the diseases well thoroughly is quite low. Moreover, taking antibiotic for a long period of time, it might make the causative agent of chlamydia produce drug resistance and eventually lead antibiotic to lose effectiveness. Under some conditions, antibiotic can restore chlamydia to negative, however, in the case of which, it is possible that chlamydia might already have irritated tissues and organs and induce aseptic inflammations, of which the most common case is aseptic prostatitis, for which antibiotic has less curative effects. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is developed by Doctor Li and of which the medicinal formula is developed on the bases of a store of knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine and the several-decades clinical experience of him, has a obvious curative effect for variety of diseases caused by infection of chlamydia, for it has a function of holistic therapy and broad-spectrum antibiosis which makes it work directly in the infected region through messenger drug and then achieve the purpose of sterilizing and diminishing inflammation.  
For aseptic inflammations, traditional Chinese medicine has better curative effects which have been proved by clinical experience. So does the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, for some medicinal materials contained in it are specially directed against aseptic inflammatory disease of urinary system and reproductive system of human bodies.