How does chlamydia infection affect infertility

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Chlamydia infection is primarily transmitted through sexual contact. When coming into the reproductive tract, it prefers to grow in the mucosal cells. Moreover, it is prone to cause infection in genitals, especially when it co-infects with pathogens like neisseria gonorrhoeae, server condition and other complication can easily be aroused. Complications always are endometritis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and urethritis. In men, chlamydia infection can possibly leads to diseases such as urethritis, epididymitis, proctitis, etc. But can chlamydia infection cause infertility? This may be a question that most patients who have it concern. 

Chlamydia is a microorganism which is similar with bacterial and virus in orgnazation. For women, chlamydia infection can infect cervix at the beginning, and then spreads to uterus where inflammation of the endometrium can occur. Furthermore, if inflammation of the endometrium occurs, implantation of the egg can not be normal. At this time, if chlamydia is left untreated, fallopian tubes may be the next target. Eventually, tube is about to become narrow and blocked. As a result, egg can not swim through tube to the uterus, which can certainly cause infertility.
For men, diseases like urethritis and prostatitis can be caused by chlamydia infection. What's more, motility of sperm can be decreased as well. As we know, motility is the significant factor that relates to infertility in men, hence, chlamydia infection indirectly affects fertility. If this situation appears, patients can have a sperm quality inspection to diagnose if the condition has already have influence on sperm. Resultingly, patients are required to accept treatment as soon as possible if chlamydia infection is found, that is because the infection doses not only spread to other regions, but also has effect on fertility. 
Meanwhile, tntercourses should be allowed to prevent cross-infections, for chlamydia infection is a sex-transmitted disease. Last but not least, review of symptom is necessary even after the treatment is finished.   
Our bodies are like magic machines, when some part of them is wrong, signs can be showed to warn us. If you feel any discomfort in urethra, such as itching, buring, tingling or symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency and dysuria, you should be aware of chlamydia infection. So the question that can chlamydia infection cause infertility receives an affirmative answer.