The harmfulness of testing positve for Mycoplasma

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When it is proved being positive of mycoplasma by medicinal examination in male, it might have no obvious symptoms in some certain cases in which part of patients suffered from this kind of diseases are with no any signs, while nevertheless it would induce some kind of inflammatory diseases and then bring a lot of pathologic changes of human body, of which the diseases of urinary and reproductive systems are the most common cases caused by infection of mycoplasma.

Being positive of mycoplasma and having presented itself with some certain symptoms, it would induce in all probability prostatitis, epididymitis and orchitis and so on, in which it would not only lead to abnormality of secretory juice of these infected regions in human body, but also lower the activity and quality of sperms directly which might cause abnormality of sperms in a large number and increasing of dead sperms so that it would endanger the reproductive activity of male and induce male infertility eventually.
Due to the great harmfulness of it, we argue that to take medicinal measures as early as possible till curing it thoroughly is necessary for preventing disastrous results once it presents itself with any symptom. Taking antibiotics, a kind of western medicine used to cure the diseases caused by infection of mycoplasma, will produce drug resistance that can disadvantage the curative effects and cannot guarantee a thorough cure. Thus, it is suggested not so much to take antibiotics as to take "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" which is developed by Doctor Li, a famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and has a wonderful curative effect for the diseases of male urinary and reproductive systems caused by infection of mycoplasma, because the medicinal formula of which is invented on the basis of above-three-decade clinical experience of him.
In some certain cases, antibiotics can restore mycoplasma to negative, however, at the same time, it might have already irritated tissues and organs and then induce aseptic inflammations. Thus, to take antibiotics continuously will produce less curative effects, while it is not the case of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" for it has a great power of sterilizing so that it also can produce a good curative effect for aseptic inflammations. Therefore, it is obvious that to cure variety of diseases caused by infection of mycoplasma, the "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" is the best choice of yours.