What effects do the chlamydia infection have on men?

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As is known to us, chlamydia infection is one of the most common STDs, which can be transmitted widely. It is usually caused by chlamydia trachomatis or bacterial aroused by oral, anal or vaginal sex. In addition, chlamydia infection has been a frequent disease in men.
However, as for men, up to half of infected men don’t experience symptoms and therefore can pass the disease on without even knowing it, because chlamydia infection usually shows little symptom in patients, such as white cloudy and watery or greenish, which is usually ignored by them. Actually chlamydia infection is a dangerous disease that really does some effects on men.
What effects do the chlamydia infection have on men? 
1. If a man suffers chlamydia infection, there will be some unusual discharge which is always runny, cloudy with a strange color. If symptoms last for a long time without any treatment, men may experience ejaculation with less semen or no semen at all. 
2. Male patients with the chlamydia infection will often experience tenderness in the testicles, which will feel sore when touched. Sometimes the testicles will become swollen as well. General pain around the opening of the penis not associated with urination, can also present. Uncommonly, men will experience aching joints. 
3. Once suffering chlamydia infection, men can experience while urinating, along with fever, nausea and pain with intercourse. In this case, the chlamydia infection may develop into a urinary tract infection.
4. As chlamydia is a pathogen which can infect men's reproductive systems. If chlamydia infection is left untreated or has been maltreated, even it may cause infertility. 
Generally speaking, as for treatment of chlamydia infection, antibiotics are common treatment. However, antibiotics are always has side-effects, such as bringing harms to liver and kidney. Currently, many surveys have shown that herbal medicine for chlamydia infection can avoid these shortages. A natural treatment named diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill has the function of clearing away heat and toxic material. With its materials made from herbs, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill won’t bring damages to liver and kidney. What’s more, it has no drug resistance and there is no need to change its dosage. This herbal pill also has those functions such as dissipating hard lumps, dissolving stasis and releasing pain. Thus, chlamydia infection can be cleared by this natural treatment.