Infertility in Men Can Be Caused by Chlamydia, Can Azithromycin Cure The Disease?

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
Chlamydia infection can lead to infertility in women, that is a medical knowledge. A scientist in Sweden did a research and it showed that Chlamydia infection can also cause infertility in men. Can Azithromycin cure the disease?

Infection of Chlamydia can cause tube blockage in women or hurt their tubes, then lead to tubal infertility. In young people who are active in sex, Chlamydia infection is common, it is a big problem for reproductive health.

A scientist in hospital of Umea University reported in a magazine that they did a survey in 238 infertility patients who visited their hospital from 1997 to 2001, did Chlamydia Antibody Tests to couples to check if they have or had infected by Chlamydia. As a comparison, they also hired some women with normal ability to have children.

After the tests, about the 14th month to the 54th month, the team visited patients and tried to see if women were pregnant successfully. The result showed that the rate of making their women pregnant for men got infected by Chlamydia is lower than normal men. Also, getting infected by Chlamydia or not for men doesn’t have relationship to if their partners have tubal infertility or not. This showed that chlamydia infection influences men’s ability to have children directly, not only cause infertility in women.

Researches in the past showed that if there is Chlamydia in sperm, vigor of sperm will be decreased. But the research did by the Swedish scientist is the first time for finding the direct relationship between Chlamydia infection and infertility in men.

So scientists gave suggestions according to the research that men should pay more attention to Chlamydia check. From simple urine test and antibody test, they can know if they have Chlamydia or not.

Do you know treatments of Chlamydia in men? Without curing the disease originally, not long ago, infection may happen again to patients, since to drugs, resistance or side effect can be caused by antibiotics like we know. Herbal formulas which are correct can cure infection caused by Chlamydia in genital too, this is showed by newest researches. To Chlamydia treatment, another treatment is herb medicine. Urination disturbance and materials which are toxic cause Chlamydia in TCM view. Relieving stranguria and material which are toxic clearing are functions contained by herb medicine which is complete if many herbs are added. Other than that, ability of self-healing and immunity can be improved by herb medicine. In order to be cured, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken by men.