If Tested Weakly Positive For Mycoplasma, Patients Should Have Reexamination Again

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When having an examination of the disease, we usually can see two kinds of results on the laboratory test report , they are “positive” and “negative”. “Negative” shows that the patients have no infection while “positive” shows he or she has been infected. However, some patients can have result of weakly positive of mycoplasma on the laboratory sheets, what does it mean? Should patients be treated? In fact, for the security of the patients, patients with weakly positive of mycoplasma should have reexamination again. 
What does “weakly positive” mycoplasma mean?  
“Weakly positive” means that there is possibility of infection on the examination, but it can’t be confirmed, it’s also a common noun on the laboratory sheets. During the examination of mycoplasma, if the specimens is contaminated, it will be likely to have the condition of weakly positive of mycoplasma. Besides, some hospitals have different standard numerical value, it’s also a reason of causing this condition. It’s also  said that the weakly positive mycoplasma means that the patients has been infected and the infection is slight. No matter from which points of view, it’s necessary for patients to take reexamination again if have weakly positive mycoplasma.  
The meaning of having reexamination again if tested weakly positive for mycoplasma.  
The first advantage for having reexamination to patients with weakly positive mycoplasma is that it can be better to check the disease. In addition, in the diagnosis of  the disease, the susceptibility test can be done at the same time. It will be more convenient to choose the proper medicine, and only in this way could patients have good curative effect.  
According to the reexamination, the mycoplasma infection can be confirmed. The susceptibility test has a great meaning on choosing the proper medicine. Because the antibiotics that used for mycoplasma infection can easily come out drug resistance, susceptibility test helps to choose sensitive drugs which can reduce the side effects caused by error of drug selection to a large degree. Thus, it can greatly improve the effect of treatment. 
The sensitive drugs that chosen by susceptibility test can have obvious effect for patients at the acute period, but for the patients at the chronic period or patients have multiple infection, because of the long-term course of the treatment, it also has the possibility of occurring drug resistance. Under this situation, patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine to treat this disease. For instance, males can oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and females can oral Fuyan Pill. The herbs in the pills have the function of clear away heat and toxins which can have great effect on curing mycoplasma infection.  
All in all, if patients diagnosed with weakly positive for mycoplasma, they should be reexamination again. It’s not just to diagnose the disease better, it can be timely to choose proper medicine by susceptibility test at the same time. The damage of mycoplasma is heavy, so patients should pay attention to the daily care, such as take moderate exercise to enhance the immunity, attach enough importance to the personal hygiene to avoid the cross infection, take medicines that can improve the immune function of cells and fluid of the body under the guidance of the doctor. People who are on the premise of possible infection must also attach great importance to the examination and treatment, only in this way can reduce the harm of the disease.