A Threat of Male Infertility: Ureaplasma Urealyticum

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Ureaplasma urealyticum ( UU ) is a microorganism that lives in the urogenital canal of human. It’s also a conditioned pathogen. If there is no conditional response, men with this pathogen generally won’t have symptoms. But when the immunity decreases, a large number of this pathogen will breed and induce urogenital system diseases in males and females. If a men is infected by UU, it will lead to the occurrence of prostatitis, epididymitis, and orchitis
Perhaps someone would say that he is just a carrier of UU without any symptoms, so he doesn’t need a treatment. It is suggested that if you have fertility planning, you should cooperate with the treatment actively. Research showed that the sterile rate of men with UU  infection is up to 36%. 
At present, the reason why UU can cause infertility cannot be totally expounded, but it’s really a very important factors that lead to infertility in males. Its impact on the quality of semen can severely damage the male fertility. We can understand the influences from the following points: 
1.The prostatitis and epididymitis that caused by UU can affect the normal function of sperm. If a men is infected, a large number of UU will adsorb to the sperm and make sperm bloated, thus it will be difficult for sperm to move ahead and its vitality will be decreased as well. So it can cause asthenospermia or asthenozoospermia in men.  
2.UU can produce substance of neuraminidase to disturb the fertilizing ability of sperm. It can not only have impact on the sperm metabolism, destroy sperm membrane, decrease the fluidity of sperm membrane and fertilizing ability, but can also decompose carbamide to produce NH3, it will make the environment alkaline and it will be hard for sperm to survive.  
3.UU can stimulate the lymphocyte to produce inflammatory substances. And these substances will inhibit the normal function of cells, thus, it will affect the quality of sperm and increase the probability of infertility.  
This shows that UU infection is an important threat to male infertility. Therefore, finding out the cause is the key to cure male secondary infertility. However, the abuse of antibiotics makes the drug resistance of UU show a rising trend. More and more people choose traditional Chinese medicine to cure UU infection, one of this medicines called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a great curative effect on curing this disease.  
What men should attach more importance is that the UU infection in the body not always cause symptoms of genital tract inflammation, it can’t be noticed and treated timely, thus, the infection will spread to their wives. Therefore, if a men is diagnosed with this disease, it’s necessary for his wife to have a mycoplasma culture and drug susceptibility test to see whether it is positive. If both of the husband and wife are positive, the wife can take Fuyan Pill to cure the disease. Only if the couple have the treatment simultaneously, will the cross infection be avoided and clear away UU from the body completely.