Can Chlamydia Infection In Men Affect Fertility?

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Chlamydia infection is a sexual transmitted disease that can infect both men and women. As infertility has become a common disease, many patients with chlamydia are worried about the heavy damage of this disease, especially the influences on reproductive system. So, can chlamydia infection affect fertility? Actually, the answer is yes. Here are the consequences of chlamydia infection in men.    
If a man is infected by chlamydia, the chlamydia can affect the sperm directly. This microorganism can not only adsorb to the surface of sperm, but can also get into the sperm to destroy the sperm membrane and acrosome. Thus, the survival rate of sperm will reduce which result in the less possibility for sperms to meet ova.  
Chlamydia trachomatis is one of the most common cause of prostatitis. If a man gets chlamydia trachomatis and left untreated, it’s very likely to develop into prostatitis which can affect the content of zinc in the prostate fluid. Since zinc plays an important role in promoting the metabolism and vitality of sperm, the inflammation can severely influence the quality of sperm, therefore, the fertility rate will be low and even lead to infertility. 
Among the infertility patients, the Chlamydia positive rate is obviously higher than the control group. Maybe the increasing white cells can swallow the sperm so that the chance for white cells to contact with sperms is greatly increased. Thus, the number of sperm is decreased.  
Chlamydia can affect the formation and maturation of sperm. Some scholars have found that there is Chlamydia trachomatis in semen, testicle and epididymis of infertility males by technology of electron mirror. The shape of sperm is obviously abnormal, the epididymis cilia is missing and epididymal tube cavity is filled with membranous remnants, so it’s recognized that Chlamydia can damage testicle and epididymis, then lead to infertility.  
In order to improve the condition of infertility, patients need to find a proper treatment to eliminate the Chlamydia infection. Since the infertility is the result from the series of complication of Chlamydia, it’s more effective for patients to take medicine which has comprehensive functions. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has radical and efficient curative effect on curing genital system diseases, and it has cured many sufferers with Chlamydia. Since it has no side effects like drug resistance and tolerance, patients can take a continuous treatment. By taking this herbal medication, the Chlamydia can return to negative within three months. It can permanently cure the infection so that the fertility function of patients can recover.