What’s The Relationship Between Mycoplasma And Mycoplasmosis?

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Generally speaking, mycoplasmosis is rare and many people have no idea why this disease will occur. In fact, this disease can commonly occur because of the bad living habits. How does this happen? What’s the relationship between mycoplasma and mycoplasmosis? 
Actually, mycoplasma has a close relationship with mycoplasmosis. Many mycoplasmosis are directly or indirectly caused by pathogenic mycoplasma. See from   a biological point of view, it is a kind of microbial cells, there are three types can have impact on human body. The most common one among them is mycoplasma urealytium, most of disease are caused by it. Once the body infected, it will  wantonly grow in cells and engulf the epidermis of cells. The destroy of the cells can lead to the occurrence of mycoplasmosis. Mycoplasma can be spread by sexual intercourse, thus, it’s likely to cause the occurrence of many diseases. Here are the common diseases that can be caused by mycoplasma. 
1.Nongonococcal urethritis                                                                                    
Urethritis caused by Chlamydia or mycoplasma is called nongonococcal urethritis. This disease is common in young people. Patients with this disease can have symptoms of urinary urgency, painful urination, itching urethra, difficulty urinating, sticky secretions or scab at urethral orifice. The symptoms are similar to gonorrhoea, but this disease is milder than gonorrhoea. It can’t be identified by clinical symptoms but depended on laboratory examination. 
Prostatitis caused by mycoplasma urealytium is belong to nonbacterial prostatitis. It usually occurs suddenly with the typical symptoms of dripping after urinating, external urethral orifice is adhered by secretions. 
3.Male infertility
There are varieties of factors can lead to male infertility, such as mycoplasma invade the spermatogenic cells and lead to the reduction of sperm; mycoplasma adsorb to the surface of sperm which can increase the abnormal rate of sperm. Besides, it can also affect the sperm recognize and fuse the egg. 
4.Female infertility
The mycoplasma in male reproductive system can easily get into the female genital tract and then lead to endometritis, salpingitis, oophoritis, spontaneous abortion and intrauterine demise. Thus, female fertility can be influenced.  
In our daily life, every one need to take measures to prevent the infections so that the diseases won’t cause heavy damages to the body. If infected by mycoplasma, you should take a timely and proper treatment to cure it. Medication like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be a good choice on curing this infection. Patients can try it to have a radical cure.