Can Chlamydia be Transmitted to Children?

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Infection with chlamydia weakens immunity, and repeated infections often occur. So, what is the route of chlamydia transmission? And the children's resistance is weak, will it be transmitted to children?

First: Pathways of Chlamydia Infection

1. Indirect contact transmission: This is an important route of transmission of chlamydial infection. When it comes into contact with used tableware, towels and other items of chlamydial patients, it is also possible for children to be infected if they get in touch with them.

2. Genitourinary system infection: This is the most important way of chlamydia infection, if there is unclean sex and history of sexual disorder, it will be more susceptible to infection.

3. Vertical infection of mother and infant: If the mother has chlamydia, the infant may be infected in utero or through direct contact with the birth canal.

Second, the symptoms of chlamydia infection

1. For children infected with chlamydia, the symptoms are very obvious. And because the child's body resistance is weak, it may also cause respiratory infections, as well as urinary tract infections. The most common symptoms include fatigue, high fever, cough and phlegm.

2.It causes trachoma, mostly in children. Mainly manifested as mild eye itching and feeling of the eyes having foreign body sensation, severe cases in the acute stage will appear tears shedding, eyelid thick secretion, conjunctival hemorrhage and other symptoms.

3.Genitourinary infections, mostly in adults. Mainly manifested as frequent urination, urgent urination, increased secretions, etc., if combined with prostatitis, its main manifestations are of dysuria, and perineal pain.

4.The majority of women are asymptomatic after infection. The main symptoms are increased guided secretions, cervical hypertrophy, erosion, etc., can be upward development, followed by abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding and other symptoms.

Methods for preventing chlamydia

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene in peacetime, wash hands before and after going to the toilet, and do not share towels, basin and other bathing tools with others in public places.

2. In the conduct of sexual behavior, should be aware of the use of condoms, put an end to unclean sex and promiscuous sex.

3. More physical exercise to enhance physique status, improve the body's immunity and disease resistance, for the prevention of chlamydia infection.

There are many ways to get chlamydia infection, a little carelessness may bring about infection, so be sure to be more cautious.

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