Can Chlamydia Infection Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. Many people infected with chlamydia have no symptoms in the early stage, who are unaware that they have the infection.
If left untreated, chlamydia can lead to permanent infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease in women. When it comes to men, it can lead to chronic prostatitis, pain and even erectile dysfunction.
Why does chlamydia infection cause erectile dysfunction?
If chlamydia enters the reproductive tract, it can spread to nearby organs. In men, chlamydia bacteria can infect the urethra, the tube that carries sperm out of the body. Those bacteria can enter the prostate through the urethra over time. 
If the prostate becomes infected and inflamed, it may restrict blood flow to the penis, which can lead to dysfunction infection. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that chlamydia can be transmitted to a sexual partner, even if the man doesn't ejaculate during intercourse.
Chlamydia usually doesn't feature any symptoms. In some people, symptoms occur a few weeks after the initial infection. When chlamydia does cause symptoms, they may include:
Having a burning sensation when urinating
Having abnormal penile secretion
Testicular pain or swelling, which is rare
We should know that chlamydia can indirectly cause erectile dysfunction, but it doesn't mean that people with erectile dysfunction necessarily have chlamydia or other sexually transmitted diseases. If someone has trouble in getting or maintaining an erection, they should discuss it with their doctor in time.
If the erectile dysfunction is caused by chlamydia infection, the patient might as well take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can cure male genitourinary diseases caused by all kinds of bacteria and viruses. It's also effective in treating diseases caused by chlamydia. 
In addition, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat chlamydia, and it's important to take all the antibiotics as prescribed. Failing to complete a full course will let some bacteria survive and cause another infection. A complete course of antibiotics can cure a prostate infection, which can relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for chlamydia. It's estimated that 2.6 million infections occur in the United States each year. So having safe sex can prevent chlamydia and its complications. The suggestions are as follows:
1. Use a condom correctly every time you have sex
2. Have sex only with people who have been tested and treated for TTI 
3. Avoid vaginal, oral and anal sex
In addition, some other factors can cause erectile dysfunction, including physical, psychological and emotional factors, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem, anxiety depression, etc. Therefore, always keeping a good mood and doing more exercises to improve your body health is necessary.
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