Attention! Chlamydia Infection May Incur Ovarian Cancer

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Recently, the bulletin published by Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany stated that an international team of researchers they funded found that common chlamydia infections cannot be ignored because they may induce mutations in fallopian tube cells, which may increase the risk of ovarian cancer.
Chlamydia is a type of microorganism that can multiply inside cells and cause a variety of diseases, among which sexual transmission is the main way of its transmission, which can lead to serious consequences, including infertility.

Researchers explained that in an infected state, chlamydia can rise from the vagina through the uterus to the fallopian tubes, where it makes its own home. While ovarian cancer often originates in the fallopian tube, from which tumor cells spread to the abdomen and ovaries.
To determine the relationship between chlamydia infection and ovarian cancer, those researchers used a correlative infection model to analyze their unexplained relationship. They found that chlamydia caused a permanent change in the genes of the fallopian tube cells that no longer encode a protein that helps prevent tumorigenesis, which is colloquially known as the emergence of tumor.
"We found a lot of features in the cells that were infected with [chlamydia] that were important for cancer development, and the inflammation that occurs during chronic chlamydia infection may further promote tumor formation." said Thomas Mayer, a professor at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Germany, who was involved in the study.
Researchers are now trying to further confirm the link between chlamydia infection and ovarian cancer through genetic analysis and other methods. Mayer said the risk of chlamydia is now underestimated, and that finding solid evidence of a link between chlamydia and ovarian cancer could help develop vaccines and drugs to treat it.
Cancer can be refractory, but when it comes to the chlamydia, there are many methods available. Usually, antibiotics can be used to kill chlamydia in a short time but they cannot reverse the damaged tissue, and due to potential side effects, antibiotics can not be used for too long. In this regard, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a more suitable medicine to treat chlamydia infection.

The herbal medicine is made from over fifty herbal ingredients, which can be able to promote blood and qi circulation, relieve stasis, dissipate hard lumps, clear away heat and dampness, subside swell and congestion, and so on.
In clinical practice, with its overt self-healing capability of the body and strong ability to wreck various bacteria and viruses, your body’s damaged tissues and organs can heal well, and you can beat down the disease effectively. Since it has no side effects or drug resistance, it is safer when using, so you can count on it.

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