Mycoplasma genitalium infections treatment

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Mycoplasma genitalium, as the mycoplasma that invades the human urogenital as same as the ureaplasma urealyticum, Mycoplasma hominis, can be treated by medicines of Tetracyclines, Macrolides and Quinolones. However, take the same medicine to cure different Pathogens is not targeted and also is not unfavorable for improving the clinical efficacy. Apart from that, using antibiotics for a long time does not only cause resistance of Mycoplasma, but also leads to Superinfection(Long-term antibiotics are prone to fungal, and other bacterial infection which is not sensitive).

Therefore, to Mycoplasma genitalium, we should not use a large number of antibiotics for the purpose of improving the treatment efficiency. You should not be worried in curing Mycoplasma genitalium in Traditional Chinese Medicine, beacuse that natural medicines do not only can kill Mycoplasma genitalium efficently but will also not cause resistance. In order to treat Mycoplasma genitalium infection better, more medical experts pay their attention to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mycoplasma genitalium was not been clearly documented in the Chinese classical medical, but the vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory diseases which it causes can be programed in its category. These dieases which are caused by dirty sex or dirty washing utensils, which in turn lead to heat in the body which is harmful infringes on obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity or infect virus, cause damage to the the genitourinary system or there are extra heat in your body, with long time exiting, remains in the cells, which leads to your organs dysfunction, blood disorders, damage of chong and ren meridians, belt vessel failing to regulate meridians. The essence of the disease is in the lower jiao, belongs to situation that the virtual table real. The treatment is to clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, dispel wind and eliminate dampness.

In the treatment, Fuyan pills, which is for curing gynecological inflammation and diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills for men all have dramatic effect on Mycoplasma infection! Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills and Fuyan pills all composed of TCM with the functions of clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis, dampness. Medicines that can clear away heat and toxic material are used to kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, to make Mycoplasma negative and dampness.

Adhering to the idea of Chinese medicine and characteristics of the overall treatment, work of the entire organizational system, not only can treat sick place, but also can inhibit the further spread of inflammation, and led to the infection that has spread of other parts of the inflammation can also be cured. Compared with the antibiotics that western medicine used, as pure natural medicine, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills and Fuyan pills do not have the problem of resistance but can be used for long time. To cure Mycoplasma, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills and Fuyan pills are your best choice!