Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Cure Chlamydial Prostatitis

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"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", developed by Chinese traditional Chinese doctor Lee Xiaoping, is capable of curing prostatitits which is caused by chlamydia trachomatis and chlamydia. The effect is fantastic.

As long as the patient take the pills for three months with strict diet control, chlamydia and mycoplasma can be completely eliminated, the prostate gland returns to normal. With about 4 months, semens will be normal. According to clinical cases , the sound curative effect of the treatment deserves a try.
Prostatitis which is induced by chronic chlamydia infection can be a stubborn disease. The main clinical manifestations of the illness include testicular pain, perineum bulge, lower abdominal distension, ejaculation pain, blood sperm, low survival rate of sperm, nonliquefaction of semen, etc.
Traditional Chinese medicine is an centuries-old medicine with profound cultural connotations. With fifteen years of untiring efforts, Dr. Lee has successfully solved the difficult treatment of prostatitis infected by chlamydia. Patients who were not cured by Western medicine for a long time could be led to a life-time disease. Their only hope is to receive the unique treatment of traditional Chinese medicine!
We will sign a treatment protocol, and if our treatment has no effect , we won't ask for a penny from you! Welcome to Dr. Li's clinic in Wuhan to treat mycoplasma and chlamydia infective prostatitis. Before the treatment, we will sign an agreement, which will be notarized by the State. We can guarantee you will be cured, if not, we will offer you a refund.
If you are suffering from chlamydia prostatitis, please don't worry any more, because Dr. Lee from Wuhan comes to your rescue!
It is no longer a myth to cure this stubborn disease in three months.
Successful Case
Mr. Yang, who is twenty-eight years old and has been married for two years, comes from Pudong District of Shanghai. He and his wife love each other very much. And their only pity was that they had no children. He felt there was something wrong with his body: testicular pain, lower abdominal distension, and premature ejaculation. Routine items of prostate are checked in hospital: lecithin corpuscle 1 plus sign, 2 plus signs, semen routine, semen not liquefied after one hour. Diagnosis: prostatitis, non-liquescence of semen. He went all over the country for treatment. He asked for treatment from some national experts, one of which was one listed in Top 100 Senior Herbalist Dr. yet no effect was produced. He told me the formula of the medicine of the national expert and discussed it with me. I told the difference and similarity between his formula and mine. He believed me. After 3 months from my treatment, routine check of prostate became normal, no prostatic hypertrophy and Chlamydia turned to negative.
At last, Mr. Yang's wife was pregnant, and he phoned Dr. Li., too excited to say a word, and he kept saying thanks. It was Dr. Lee who relieved the pain from him. And only in Dr Lee's clinic, he obtained the dignity as a man. Every year there are countless patients like Mr. Yang in China. And the happiest thing for Dr. Lee to see is the smiles on faces of her patients.