How to Treat Epididymitis Caused by Chlamydia?

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Men should know that the epididymis is located behind the testicle, and the tail is connected with the vas deferens, its opening is toward the prostate and posterior urethra which is connected with the outside world. Therefore, once microorganisms or bacteria return from the urine, they will reach the epididymis through the vas deferens. Sometimes bacteria may stay in the epididymis through bloodstream infection and then cause epididymitis, but most cases of epididymitis are related to reproductive tract retrograde infection.


Chlamydia used to be considered as a virus, but now it belongs to the category of bacteria. If epididymitis is caused by Chlamydia, which is usually acute epididymitis. There is no difference in treatment between Chlamydia epididymitis and general epididymitis. You just need to take the drug susceptibility test to choose a symptomatic drug to treat. If there is obvious tenderness in the acute period of Chlamydia, it is recommended to choose the intravenous injection of the drug-resistant antibiotics, including quinolones and macrolides.
The local pain of acute Chlamydia epididymitis can also be alleviated by general physical methods. For example, the scrotal bracket can alleviate some of the tenderness of epididymis, improve the blood circulation of the epididymis, and promote the elimination of inflammation. 

But for the epididymitis patients who have not yet had a child, they should carefully choose the treatment option of a local hot compress to relieve the discomfort and pain. Excessive high temperature may also aggravate the severity of epididymis congestion, which has adverse effects on the body temperature and hemogram of the epididymis and even destroys the function of epididymis. During the treatment, patients should try to rest as much as possible.
If Chlamydia epididymitis is cured after regular antibiotic treatment, the enlarged epididymis retracts to normal size, the pain disappears, body temperature and blood picture are normal, it means that epididymitis is basically cured. However, for the consolidation treatment of chlamydia, it is necessary to accept the doctor's treatment advice to see if the consolidation treatment needs to be properly prolonged. 
If the symptoms do not disappear completely, it is not recommended to continue the treatment of antibiotics at this time, but to turn to antipyretic, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory drugs and natural medicine for activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which consists of various natural herbs, such as safflower, peach kernel, and honeysuckle. The therapeutic effect and drug penetration effect of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill are good, which can play an antibiotic anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role in epididymitis caused by Chlamydia infection. 

At the same time, the effects of activating blood circulation can improve epididymis enlargement and promote local blood circulation. If blood circulation is back to normal, the pain and discomfort of epididymitis will be relieved.
In addition, men should pay more attention to private hygiene to avoid causing reproductive infections and other more serious infections. Improve dietary structure, try to avoid spicy food, and do not overeat high cholesterol food, if there are smoking and drinking habit, it is necessary to give up. Only a healthy diet can we have a healthy body. Moderate exercise can also prevent epididymitis, enhance physical fitness and prevent other diseases.
There are also many other ways to help patients recover from epididymitis, but they can only play a supporting role. Cure of the epididymitis mainly depends on drug treatment or surgical treatment, people should consciously prevent epididymitis from the beginning so as to avoid the trouble of disease. I wish you recover as soon as possible.