What complications can epididymitis result in?

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Epididymitis is a disease that usually occurs in the majority of young and middle-aged male friends. If not treated in time, it will often be complicated with some other diseases in the male genitourinary system. Furthermore, if the condition is much more severe, it may also increase the risk of sterility. What complications will epididymitis cause? What about the symptoms?

1. Seminal vesiculitis
The major clinical symptoms of seminal vesiculitis are hemospermia, accompanied by increased frequency of urination, the urgency of urination, the discomfort of urination, perineal discomfort and other symptoms, often coexisting with prostatitis. The general etiology and pathogenesis of seminal vesicle inflammation are that pathogenic factors entered inside from outside, resulting in viscera disorders, disharmony between qi and the blood, resulting in damaged seminal vesicle collaterals. 
Traditional Chinese medicine treats it mostly based on the "blood" theory, using the methods of "cooling blood to stop bleeding", "nourishing blood to stop bleeding", "invigorating Qi to absorb blood" and "activating blood to stop bleeding" respectively, which have better effects on most patients with seminal vesiculitis.
2. Chronic prostatitis 
Chronic prostatitis is characterized by urgent urination, frequent urination, burning pain and discomfort of the urethra, drips after urinating, discomfort or astringency in perineum, oligoperitoneum, testis, and urethra. There will be increased leukocyte count and decreased lecithin corpuscles in prostatic fluid. The treatment of chronic prostatitis should be combined with tonic therapy, comprehensive treatment, and pay attention to lifestyle and diet habits, which can help to improve the curative effect.
3. Other serious illness
Epididymitis can also induce some other serious diseases: varicocele, chorditis, prostatitis, endocrine diseases, nephritis, and other kidney diseases, urinary infections, malignant tumors, etc.

4. Sexual function decline
In some cases, epididymitis will lead to male sexual function decline or even complete loss of sexual function.
5. Infertility

Epididymitis can also cause spermatozoa, azoospermia, loss of fertility, and the spouse may also be infected, resulting in gynecological diseases.
Epididymitis can cause so many complications, so it is suggested that patients can seize the best treatment opportunity, receive correct treatment to avoid complications and harm.
For patients with typical symptoms, we should check whether there are pathological lesions, pathogens, and complications of testis and epididymis. If there are, we suggest that for drug sensitivity test, we can choose more sensitive antibiotics to give priority to treatment. 
If there are testicular cysts and nodules, patients with small size and asymptomatic may not need treatment, but if the condition is serious, surgery can be considered, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to consolidate the treatment after surgery. If there is a poor effect of conventional medication, patients can also choose conservative natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment, which can effectively sterilize, anti-inflammation, promoting blood circulation and promoting Qi, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria can effectively eliminate the swelling and pain of epididymis. This natural medicine can not only cure epididymitis thoroughly but also can treat some complications.

So what should epididymitis patients do in their daily lives?
1. Sexual life should not be excessively frequent
If men have epididymitis, they may have significant pain during sexual intercourse, in peacetime will also feel frequent soreness of waist. Therefore, avoiding frequent sex is necessary.
2. Exercise and take part in sports regularly
Body resistance is very important, if the immunity of men is poor, they will be easy to be attacked by bacteria, leading to epididymitis. So we should do more exercise, such as half an hour of the walk after dinner.
Through the introduction above, we know that epididymitis is a disease, if it is not treated in time or just left untreated, it may cause some complications, which is enough to see how harmful epididymitis is to us. Therefore, epididymitis patients should attach great importance to timely treatment, strive to recover as soon as possible.