The causes of ejaculatory duct obstruction

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Ejaculatory duct obstruction isn't a specific disease. Not only healthy people have to pay attention to the symptoms of ejaculatory duct obstruction, the ejaculatory duct obstruction patients also have to pay attention to. Patients not only have to build good living habits which can release pain, but also have to learn some treatments.

Causes of ejaculatory duct obstruction
Some's ejaculatory duct is under development, so it isn't connect with epididymis. Thus, the quantity of semen is little and has no sperm.
Many bacteria can make ejaculatory duct inflammed and formed scars. Thus, the duct can be blocked by scars. So when this disease becomes severest, the only consequence is azoospermia.
The tumor in ejaculatory duct or the nearby organs can press the duct and make is blocked. This is another reason of azoospermia.
Surgeries such as vasoligation can block sperm and avoid conceiving. Blocked ejaculatory duct as one of important cause of infertility should be treated timely.
How to cure ejaculatory duct obstruction? Some may love to take antibiotic and some may love to take surgery and some may love to take herbal medicine. But no matter what type of treatment you choose, you should take your own health condition and the disadvantages and advantages of treatments into consideration.