Males Should Attach Enough Importance To The 6 Sperm Killers

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Though male adults can produce millions of sperm every day, these “tiny tadpoles” are very fragile. Once the external environment changed, the sperm quality can be affected easily. Generally speaking, it takes nearly three months for a sperm to mature gradually. Thus, the stimulation of the external environment will certainly affect the sperm quality and then lead to male infertility. Actually, many casual small habits can also affect the sperm quality and quantity. For couples who are trying to get pregnant, it’s very significant to look out for these bad habits.     

6 sperm killers 

1.Long-term working with laptop
When the laptop is working, its internal temperature will rise to 70 degree centigrade. If put it on your leg for a long time, the temperature of your scrotum will rise as well. Since scrotum is the place which produces and stores sperm, the high temperature can decrease the quantity of sperm. 

2.Get a high fever
Research showed when males have a high fever, the sperm concentration will fall by    35%. Thus, to avoid the reduction of sperm, it’s necessary to pay attention to the heat dissipation of scrotum. Besides, males should attach importance to the keep in good health, such as  being active to take moderate exercise to enhance the immunity so as to prevent the infection. 

3. Hot bath
Commonly, the environmental temperature that testicles need is lower than other parts of the body. Only if the temperature is kept in a certain range will the testicles work normally. Any factors that can lead to the rise of the environmental temperature can affect the quantity and quality of sperm. Some researchers think that if the sperm temperature is higher than 36.7 degree centigrade, it’s very likely to cause the reduction of sperm. And the influences will last for months. Some researches showed that the sperm will be reduced to a certain extent if males take hot bath for more than half an hour, that is what we call sperm killer. Therefore, to prevent the external factors affect sperm quality, males need to adjust the water temperature to a suitable range and they shouldn’t take bath for a long time.       

4.Long-term use of mobile phone   
Research showed that males use mobile phone for more than 4 hours every day can severely affect the quantity, motility and shape of sperm. The radiation and heat of mobile phone can reduce the quality of sperm.

5.Wearing tight pants 
Males who wear tight pants frequently can have impact on sperm. When the scrotum is wrapped in a narrow space tightly, as the rise of the temperature, this environment can prevent the growth of sperm.  

6. Smoking and drinking during social activities  
Because of the work, many office workers can’t avoid the social activities, especially male office workers. At the table, it’s no doubt that they will smoke and drink together to have a pleasant conversation. In fact, this normal social activity can cause severe damages to body. The alcohol can reduce the vitality of sperm and increase the risk of sperm deformity. Similarly, smoking can also do harm to the sperm. The  nicotine in cigarettes will affect the motility of sperm, and even damage its DNA, thus, the risk of erectile dysfunction will be increased.

In daily life, males need to avoid the 6 sperm killers as far as possible, it’s significant to the normal reproductive function in the future. Moreover, males with infertility should have confidence on curing the disease. It’s helpful to go to the hospital to have a timely and proper treatment. Patients can also take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat the disease, its curative effect is remarkable.