What Are Low Sperm Count and Sperm Motility

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What is Low Sperm count

Every male person will be in shocked if told that his semen does not contain any sperm at all. There are men whose semen if one looks at it is normal but when seen on microscope would contain zero sperm. This condition is called Azoospermia. Is this possible, one would ask. Yes, this is possible. 
There are three types of deficiency when it comes to low sperm count. This is the low sperm count which is already an infertile condition which would contain less than 20 million sperm per one ml. The second infertile condition would be known as very low sperm count wherein one ml. of semen would contain less than 10 million of sperm cells. And the last would be this condition known as Azoospermia where the semen would have zero sperm cells. 
what is sperm Motility
when we talk about sperm motility, What we mean actually is the ability of sperm movement. Sperm cells that are good swimmers are considered as sperm cells with good motility. Sperm cells that are slow swimmers are considered as sperm cells having poor motility. Sperm motility is important for fertilization of a female egg. Sperm cells that can be considered as having the poorest motility are those sperms that are incapable of any movement. A male person even if he has a high count of sperm cells, can still be infertile if his sperms are poor in quality, in terms of motility. 
A normal sperm cell has an oblong head, body and tails. This oblong head of sperm cells will enable the sperm cell to navigate easily through the seminal fluid because of oblong head and also because of its tail flapping action. A person even though he has a low sperm count if the qualities of his sperm cells are high, meaning good swimmers with normal shapes, can still be fertile. Factors that can play a part in sperm cells motility are their shapes.
In conclusion, a normal sperm cell is smoothly designed to travel fast in the seminal fluid. However, because of external factors like toxins and heat, these normal shapes of sperm cells can become abnormal or mutated. They can have no tails to make them properly swim; sometimes their head can be in different shapes which would prevent them from swimming fast.