Is Yellowish and Smelly Urine Mean Prostatitis?

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Many men think that yellow urine with heavy taste are not big problem in daily life. It is likely to be inflamed, and drink a couple of mouthfuls of herbal tea and eat a little more food, helping reduce internal heat. However, they do not know that urine yellow with odor does not necessarily mean getting inflamed but is also related to genitourinary diseases, especially for those with long-term yellow urine with odor and other symptoms, whom they should pay attention to.

Under normal circumstances, the urine color is light yellow and transparent, with no precipitation turbidity phenomenon. Freshly detoxified urine has a special grassy aroma, and an ammonia odor appears after prolonged storage due to decomposition.


So what causes yellow, smelly urine?

Many men will also think that this is caused by prostatitis, which can lead to problems with urination.

Prostatitis can cause urine to be yellow and smelly. Prostatitis exists as chronic infection symptoms when chronic infection on the basis of an acute attack, such as the prostate is attacked by more bacterial, so that the patient's prostatitis symptoms aggravated, so the patient's clinical manifestations will have frequent urination, urinary urgency, painful urination, and even in the urethra there will be a small amount of secretion. In this case, due to the seriousness of the bacterial infection, or the degree of inflammation is more serious, the patient's urine will have a strong odor. So, in prostatitis patients, urine may have some smell, usually due to bacterial infection.

Therefore, when a man has yellow, smelly urine for a long time and has other urination problems, it is likely to be caused by prostatitis and should be treated promptly to eliminate the symptoms. Patients can use conventional antibacterial drugs, such as levofloxacin, norfloxacin, and cephalosporins. At the same time, patients are advised to drink more water, which can help relieve the symptoms of yellow urine with odor. In addition, patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It clears away heat, detoxifies the body, and induces diuresis for treating stranguria, which can help reduce inflammation and relieve the symptoms of urinary discomfort. Consistent use can achieve the purpose of cure.

Besides prostatitis, what are the other causes of yellow, smelly urine in men?

1. Urinary Infections

Men with urethritis, cystitis, and other diseases easily affect urination. Many males exhibit yellow urine. At the same time, there will be foam and even odor. At this time, they should pay special attention, and it should be the first time they go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment.

2. Eating Habits

Drinking less water, urinating less, or not going to the toilet for a long time are all prone to yellow urine that tastes heavy. So, it is recommended that males develop the habit of not holding urine and drinking more water, which is also conducive to preventing urinary tract diseases.

3. Liver and Gallbladder Problems

The yellowish color and urine odor may be due to problems in the liver and gallbladder. Bile flows out from the urine, causing the color of urine to worsen. Patients need timely examination and active treatment.

4. Drug Effects

Urine is very yellow and odor; maybe taking some drugs on the urine has an impact. Some people take medications after the color of urine becomes dark yellow; this is mainly because the drug contains riboflavin. However, this situation does not need to worry too much; as long as you stop using drugs, the color of the urine will return to normal.

Normal urine is an essential channel for the body to detoxify, and a momentary change in the urine's color may not necessarily reflect physical problems. However, there is no apparent reason for persistent urine color or abnormal odor; perhaps it is the body in the red light; you must seek medical attention as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may delay the condition, resulting in more severe consequences.

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