What to Do When Chronic Prostatitis Causes Frequent Urination, Urgency, Weak Stream, and Ineffective Urination Despite Long-Term Treatment?

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Many men complain that their chronic prostatitis has been treated for several months and still cannot be cured. The symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, and incomplete urination caused by chronic prostatitis seriously affect their life and work, making them exhausted.


So, what should be done if chronic prostatitis causes frequent urination, urgency, and incomplete urination that cannot be cured for a long time?

Chronic prostatitis is difficult to cure is mainly due to a series of reasons such as blockage of drug absorption channels, metabolic channels, and nutrient channels, which cause many patients to suffer for a long time and seek medical treatment everywhere.

Some chronic prostatitis patients use surgical treatment to remove the prostate to treat the disease. Although this method can also work for recurrent chronic prostatitis, removing the prostate through surgery will not only affect male urination and reproductive function, but also cause infection of the lesion. So it cannot completely cure chronic prostatitis.

In the treatment of chronic prostatitis, it is best to choose traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. Chronic prostatitis is mostly caused by damp-heat accumulation in the lower part of the body, stagnation and obstruction, and consumption of kidney essence. Therefore, damp-heat is the main symptom, and kidney deficiency is the root cause. 

The treatment should be based on the principle of treating both the symptoms and the root cause, and supporting the healthy while eliminating the evil. The treatment method is to clear heat, nourish the kidney, transform dampness, regulate qi and activate blood, and eliminate stagnation and turbidity.

Chronic prostatitis can basically be classified into the categories of "jingzhuo", "laolin", and "baiyin". In the treatment of this disease, the first step is to identify the syndrome and select medication based on the syndrome presentation. Due to the chronic and difficult-to-cure nature of this disease, modern medical knowledge should be combined with traditional Chinese medicine to achieve better therapeutic effects by treating the local syndrome of the prostate gland based on pathological and physiological changes.

For chronic prostatitis, a patent traditional Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is effective in clinical practice. It is a purely herbal preparation with safe characteristics. It is made from several precious herbs such as honeysuckle, forsythia, sophora flavescens, fishy-smelling herb, king-of-the-road, peony, and safflower. 

It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, diuresis, and relieving stranguria. It does not produce drug resistance, is green and has no side effects, and can effectively treat chronic prostatitis and help patients recover their health.

In daily life, patients should also pay attention to good daily care, change bad habits, avoid prolonged sitting, spicy food and alcohol, have regular sexual life, avoid excessive frequency, quit masturbation, go to bed early and get up early, and exercise regularly every day to enhance physical fitness, so as to recover their health as soon as possible.

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