Can an Increased Flow of Prostate Fluid Cause the Prostate to Enlarge?

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Enlargement of the prostate generally refers to the proliferation of the prostate, and an increase in prostate fluid typically leads to prostate proliferation. After the prostate proliferates, its volume increases, which can easily compress the prostate tissue and prostatic ducts, thereby causing the prostate to secrete a large amount of prostate fluid.


Prostate enlargement, characterized by the proliferation of prostate epithelial and stromal tissues, can compress the prostatic or bladder urethra, leading to obstruction and a series of symptoms such as frequent urination, nocturia, and difficulty urinating. Old age and functioning testicles are two important factors in the development of prostate enlargement, and both are indispensable.

For patients with mild symptoms and smaller volumes of prostate enlargement, doctors may prescribe medications such as terazosin and alfuzosin. Patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to resolve urinary problems. Its heat-clearing, detoxifying, diuretic, and strangury-relieving effects can help alleviate various urinary discomforts. Surgical treatment, such as transurethral resection of the prostate, may be necessary in some cases.

If a patient experiences frequent nocturia that affects sleep quality, it is advisable to limit fluid intake before bedtime to ensure adequate sleep. Attention to personal hygiene, developing good hygiene habits, wearing cotton, loose-fitting underwear, and frequently changing underwear, as well as not sharing towels, bath towels, and other personal items with others, are also important.

Is it good to have an increased flow of prostate fluid?

For patients with prostatitis, an increased flow of prostate fluid can be beneficial as it can help reduce inflammation. An increase in prostate fluid flow may also be due to long periods without sexual activity, leading to an accumulation of seminal vesicle fluid and, consequently, increased outflow of prostate fluid.

Prostate fluid is a secretion from the prostate gland. It is an important component of semen and one of the seminal plasma components. The secretion of prostate fluid is controlled by androgens, with a daily secretion amount of about 0.5–2ml. The protein content in prostate fluid is very low, primarily containing high concentrations of zinc ions, acid phosphatase, proteolytic enzymes, fibrinolysin, spermine, and aliphatic polypeptides.

For patients with prostatitis, an increased flow of prostate fluid has certain benefits as it can help alleviate inflammation. Prostatitis is mainly caused by the retention of prostate fluid within the prostate, and glandular retention can cause inflammation. It needs to be expelled from the body through massage.

In some cases, due to long periods without sexual activity, the fluid retained in the seminal vesicles significantly increases. After the prostate becomes full, fluid will flow out, which can reduce complications. If you have prostatitis, improving the condition with a warm water sitz bath before going to bed each night can be beneficial for local blood circulation and alleviate symptoms caused by prostatitis.

Precautions for prostatitis include:

First, maintain a regular lifestyle; regular daily activities and appropriate physical exercise can improve blood circulation, promote the secretion of prostate fluid, dilute bacterial toxins, help with drug absorption, and enhance resistance.

Second, abstinence and a regular sexual life can reduce prostate congestion and edema, which is beneficial to prostate health. Keeping the perineum clean prevents infection.

Finally, eat foods high in protein, iron, selenium, zinc, and other minerals, and adequately supplement vitamins A, C, and E. Generally, drink plenty of water, urinate frequently, and flush the urethra with urine regularly to help expel prostate secretions, thereby preventing infection.

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