What is right choice for orchitis treatment?

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Orchitis is inflammation of testicles that may be caused by an infection from many different types of bacteria and viruses. Many cases of orchitis are caused by the mumps virus. Orchitis may also occur as a result of other infections such as prostatitis, epididymitis, or sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia infection. Men who experience recurrent UTI are also at greater risk of getting orchitis.

If you are experiencing severe pain in the penis or testicles, you should be worried that you may suffer orchitis. It's important to treat orchitis early, as it can cause many complications. When orchitis is not treated timely. Some complications may occur. These include: unilateral smaller testes, possible sterility if both testes involved, may have a high chance of developing testicular tumor and recurrent attacks.
There are many orchitis treatments in market. It is important to choose a right remedy. Orchitis is treated in different ways depending on what has caused it and how advanced it is. Bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics, while the symptoms of viral infections are treated with anti-inflammatories. If the cause is an STD, your partner should also be tested and treated. In rare cases, surgery may be called for. If the testis is destroyed, it may require complete removal.
In addition to antibiotics, herbal medicine is a better choice for orchitis treatment. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can make the medication reach to the infected part directly, thus enhance the curative effect. Compared with western medicines, traditional Chinese medicine can keep a long-lasting effect, has no side effect and drug resistance. In general, suffers can recover within three months.