Can Orchitis Affect Sexual Intercourse And Male Fertility?

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Testicle is important reproductive organs and is the place where sperm forms. Orchitis is the common testicle disease that occurs in men. Orchitis has severe effect on male fertility. Many men are worried whether orchitis can affect sexual intercourse or not. 

Virus and bacteria infection can affect male fertility when they suffer orchitis. Orchitis can also affect sexual intercourse. Testicle has function of discharging male hormone androgen other than producing sperm. Orchitis would affect abnormal male hormone androgen. Thus, male sexual function would be influenced.
What’s more, orchitis can cause bad sexual intercourse other than sexual disorder. Orchitis is an inflammation of the testis, accompanied by swelling, pain, fever, and a sensation of heaviness in the affected area. The sperm would contain bacteria when men suffer orchitis. Women would suffer gynecologic inflammation if having sex with man who has suffered orchitis. 
The most common cause of orchitis in adult men is bacterial infection. In young sexually active men the most common organism is chlamydia and this infection is sexually transmitted. 
As well as dealing with the symptoms of orchitis, it's important for the man (and any sexual partners) to undergo proper testing and treatment in a sexual health clinic. 
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