Can testicle pain be resulted from constipation?

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A man's testicles are two tiny ellipsoids in the scrotum. As an important part of reproductive system it produces sperms. Its protection, however, might be ignored, and in various conditions testicle pain will happen. 
When testicle pain happens for the very first time, a man may feel lost in thinking about the causes. Can it be resulted from constipation? It is an interesting question. Probably a man might suffer constipation and testicle pain in the same time period, but they are not directly related as is told by the doctor. 
It is believed that testicle pain can be caused by diseases such as epididymitis, testitis, varicocele, spermatocele, hydrocele, bruised testicles, testicle rupture, scrotal skin injury, testicular torsion and testicular cancer. And surprisingly it can also be caused by sports injury. 
The patient will be suggested to have an examination first in a clinic. After the diagnosis is made and the specific cause is confirmed, a treatment will be offered accordingly.
As a common cause of testicle pain, orchitis, like other testicle related diseases, shall be treated carefully. No treatment or improper treatment might cause infertility and result in misery. Testicles can be touched and checked regularly by oneself as a precautionary measure. When any abnormalities appear at first time, the patient shall go to clinic for treatment in time. 
Orchitis goes with certain symptoms. When it happens, single or both testicles feel swollen and the skin of scrotum gets red and swollen. Orchitis can be developed from epididymitis as a result of bacterial growth. Children’s acute orchitis is usually resulted from epidemic parotitis mumps.  
For orchitis treatment, the antibiotics might be used. However, the antibiotics lost effect for some patients after a long-term usage because of drug resistance, and in this case the traditional Chinese herbal medicine is a better choice. Diuretic and anti-inflammtory pill is recommended.
Diuretic and anti-inflammtory pill is a new popular Chinese herbal medicine. It is made from natural herbs based on the ancient prescription. It is widely used to treat inflammation in urinary system and reproductive system. Except for orchitis, it has good therapeutic efficiency in treating prostatitis, BPH, prostate calcification, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, azoospermia, urinary tract infection, cystitis, glandular cystitis, interstitial cystitis, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma hominis infection, and ureaplasma urealyticum infection, etc.  
Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is environment friendly with fewer side effects. It becomes safer to take this medicine. However, prevention is more important than treatment. A man shall take good care of his body and never guess blindly the relationship between symptoms and diseases.