Sina Report on 20 May, 2015: Orchitis prevents Mr. He to be a daddy

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According to research, men's sperm's ability has declined about 50% in recent 50 years. There are many factors causing infertility in men, and orchitis is one common cause.
Mr. He, a resident in Qinhuai area, China, and his wife got married after graduation from college. The couple always worked hard outside their hometown a few years after marriage. They planed to have a baby when they have economic power to some extent. Just the year before last, the couple began their “daddy and mommy” plan. However, his wife still didn’t get pregnant after more than 2 years without any birth control barriers. As a result, this couple went to the hospital for help. After scientific examination, Mr. He was confirmed to suffer from orchitis along with sperms’ ability. The movement rate of his sperm is only 14% which will cause infertility seriously.
According to Dr. Lee in Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic, it is very significant to cure orchitis as early as possible after finding this disease for many men. If left untreated timely, it will change into chronic orchitis with more severe symptoms. 
As a result, how to prevent orchitis effectively for men? One can follow the tips listed below:
1. Improve diet to prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods. You are encouraged to eat less red meat "(referring to pork, beef, mutton, etc. because of their higher alcohol ingredients), eat more" white meat "(with lower cholesterol, such as chicken, fish, etc.). What’s more, it is of certain significance to prevent the hyperplasia of prostate.
2. Avoid spicy food and wine to prevent dump and hot. Avoid getting cold and excessive sexual life because these may cause difficulty urinating. 
3. Keep regular life style and keep normal bowel movement.
4. Emotional adjustment. Keep in good mood and avoid excessive fatigue. Exercise as many as possible and prevent getting cold.