5 tests for men to diagnose the orchitis

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Orchitis is usually caused by bacteria and viruses. Orchitis itself is rarely bactrerial infectious. As the testicle is supplied with rich blood and lymph, it has strong resistance to bacterial infection. Bacterial orchitis, mostly caused by adjacent epididymis inflammation, is also known as the epididymis orchitis.
Orchitis is a common disease in men. Clinically, it is mainly divided into acute suppurative orchitis and mumps orchitis. And acute suppurative orchitis is the most common type. The reasons causing Orchitis vary, such as infection, trauma, tumor, etc.
Generally speaking, there are about 5 examination ways for Orchitis, including as follows:
1.Orchitis Self-Examination
This examination can loose scrotum to touch the lump and exceptions. Stand on your two feet during examination and touch any unusual lumps or other abnormalities. Normal testicles are ovoid with smooth surface and moderate hardness.
We can be roughly distinguish it as benign or malignant lesions after bilateral scrotal mass. If testicular tumor is suspected, testicular tumor local biopsy is not suggested as it may easily cause transformation of tumor. It relies on the postoperative pathology report to determine the lesion type.
3.B ultrasound Examination of Orchitis
This examination can accurately determine the testicle’s size, shape, and presence of testicular cancer. For all Orchitis patients, we can know the testicular development situation and if it is swelling and malignant transformation, etc.
4.Chest X-ray Examination
Chest X-ray Examination includes perspective test and sternum.
5.CT and MRI Examination
It can test accurately if it is transformed or not after retroperitoneal laparoscopic. It is more useful to remove the cryptorchid for those patients with excision of malignant change.
Once confirming diagnosis of orchitis through all kinds of tests, one should seek for suitable medication, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which can cure orchitis effectively with no side effects.
As the testicle is such an important reproductive organ for men, everyone should know how to prevent it in their daily life naturally. Men in middle age should pay more attention to the maintenance of their testicle. If one feels pain during massage on testicle, it may be orchitis or epididymis. Once it happens, one should go to the hospital for tests as soon as possible. In addition, you are suggested to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to add the nutrients of vitamin C and so on. Besides, avoid some spicy food, smoking, drinking, and excessive sex, etc.