Can epididymitis cause dizziness?

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As is known, epididymitis is a common male disease, which is inflammation on epididymis. This condition can be acquired by man easily when there are other reproductive diseases or men are on weak immunity.
Usually, when epididymitis breaks out, the patients would feel pain of inguinal groove, low back pain and sharp pain in the very side of inflamed epididymis, accompanied with high fever and chilling as well as felling sick and vomiting, even sometimes including dizziness.
In fact, the patients are still bewildered that why there is dizziness when suffering from epididymitis, and whether epididymitis can cause dizziness.
Generally speaking, dizziness is an impairment in spatial perception and stability. Many conditions can cause dizziness because multiple parts of the body are required for maintaining balance including the inner ear, eyes, muscles, skeleton, and the nervous system.
Common physiological causes of dizziness include:
inadequate blood supply to the brain; 
a sudden fall in blood pressure;
heart problems or artery blockages;
disorders of the inner ear;
distortion of brain/nervous function by medications such as anticonvulsants and sedatives
What’s more, once affected epididymitis, sufferers will have dysfunction, especially distortion of nervous system when having various severe pain. There is not only scrotum pain, but also pain in lower abdominal and the thigh. Besides, fever and vomiting caused by epididymitis will weaken the body function so that there is inadequate blood supply to the brain, thus leading to dizziness.
Nowadays, the widely used antibiotic therapy makes it one of the frequently used epididymitis treatment. However, drug resistance of antibiotic therapy makes it unsuitable for a long time taking, because the efficacy of antibiotic can get weaker and weaker as time goes by. What’s more, the damages on liver and kidney also can get severer. Lots of epididymitis victims are attacked by this condition again and again. 
Therefore, herbal medicine is more suitable for epididymitis patients because it has no drug resistance and damages to liver and kidney will be better. Especially the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, as an alternative treatment, it is widely received by epididymitis sufferers recently. In addition to promoting blood circulation, dissolving stasis, clear toxic materials, softening hardness and draining dampness, it can also improve immunity and enhance self-healing ability.