Why Long-time sitting Can Cause Epididymitis?

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Epididymis plays an important role in male reproductive system. It’s responsible for storing and carrying sperms. The inflammation of epididymis, which is also known as epididymitis, will cause male infertility. There are many factors can induce epididymitis, long-term sitting is one of them. Why long-term sitting can cause epididymitis? 


Males who need to sit for a long periods of time have high risk of getting epididymitis, including office workers and drivers. When a man is sitting, the scrotum is under  the pressure, which will block the venous return if sitting for a long time. Thus, the  blood vessels that near to testicles will become thicker and cause blood  stasis, and then lead to acute epididymitis.
Acute epididymitis is a very common male reproductive system disease, and it usually happens to young and middle-aged men. long-term sitting is one of the main factors that can induce acute epididymitis. Except that, bacterial infection and STDs can also cause epididymitis.
Patients with acute epididymitis may have swelling scrotum, and the overlying skin may be red. There may be tenderness over the groin (spermatic cord). Patients will also have chills and high fever. At the early stages, patients can use ice packs to relieve the swelling and taking medicines like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to control the symptoms.
To prevent acute epididymitis from developing into chronic, men need to have a treatment once notice the pain and discomfort in scrotum. Otherwise, the infection will spread to testicles and lead to epididymo-orchitis.
How to prevent epididymitis? 
Keep a healthy lifestyle. Avoid spicy and fatty foods. Don’t drink alcohol and smoking. It’s helpful to take some exercise to enhance the immunity which can prevent from a bacterial infection. Avoid long-term sitting, driving, riding and bicycling.
Practise safe sexual life. Abstain from excessive sexual intercourse and masturbation.      
Since STDs can induce epididymitis, and spread to partners through sexual intercourse, it’s important to have safe sex to prevent the infection. 
Eat more fruits. Fruits that are beneficial to prevent epididymitis include grapes, kiwi, mango, litchi, walnuts, and so on.